Slimming World Update #6

Another month, another Slimming World Update! I can't believe this is my 6th update post! 6 months of sharing my journey with you all!

Wednesday 3 February // After last week and putting on a whopping 6.5lbs I was back with a vengeance. I bought the 12 week countdown which brings us to the end of April which I desperately want to be at target by then so it gives me a goal. But anyway I managed to lose 4 lbs. A good chunk of what I've gained I had managed to lose. It's given me the motivation to keep going.

Wednesday 10 February // A weird week, officially a whole week back at university which I like as it means I have a set routine but also I have been out twice this week, one night after another. I have tried to do damage control but was hoping as it was early in the week (in terms of my SW week it was) that I was able to still lose something, anything. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, that wasn't the case and I gained 1 lb. Which is nothing, but it is so disheartening. I don't know whats going on in all honesty. I have been so tempted to throw in the towel, but I've come so far I don't want to un do all my hard work.

Wednesday 17 February // After many hard weeks, I haven't got any expectations about what is going to happen on the scales. I'm going to take it as it comes and just carry on as I've been doing and pray that it will eventually pay off. I managed to lose 0.5 lb, not a lot but a loss is a loss and I'll happily take that right now! Now onto the next week!

Wednesday 21 February // I did a couple of EESP days, basically where you don't eat any carbs like pasta, rice, potatoes and your plate is made up of half speed food and half protein food. The first day it was really easy but the second day, as I was tight on time I did find it much more difficult, but as with anything planning is key! I actually managed to do 4 SP days in the week, which I definitely did not plan for but I felt amazing after, no bloating, more energy, less sluggish! I did have one day where I went out with my parents as they came to visit and we went to Ask Italian and a lot of carbs were eaten and my oh my were they worth it I was just hoping it wouldn't affect my week too much. I maintained which was disappointing but there's nothing I can do except take the next week as it comes!

Another disappointing month but next month I need to have loses so heres hoping!

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