Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Range

I often feature reviews of shampoo and conditioners, but its rare for me to try out a load of products from one specific range. When I saw this range had come out I knew I had to try at least one thing from the range especially as I am currently obsessed with coconut smelling body and hair care!

"Did you know that CoConut OiL is a natural nutrient that provides the essential proteins required for nourishing and repairing damaged HAiR? CoConut OiL is a clever little oil that really moisturises the HAiR.
So if it’s sleek, smooth, SHiNY HAiR you’re after then look no further... This moisturising SHaMPOO packed full of CoConut OiL does exactly that!"

CoCo LoCo Shampoo and Conditioner // I didn't actually purchase these first I bought the other two products which are pictured above but I'll get onto those in a minute. I was a bit disappointed by these after using the other products and being amazed. They left my hair smelling good and soft, but not as soft as I thought they would see as it says "from straw to silk". I don't know whether its because I use them in conjunction with the other products but I just feel really not impressed with these, so much so, that I went out and bought another brand of shampoo and conditioner. This is really unusual as I like to use up one set of shampoo and conditioner before buying a new lot to save space and use things up!

CoCo LoCo CoConut Spritz // This is probably my favourite product from the range. You spray it on wet hair, best applied whilst tipping your head upside down. It makes my hair smell amazing and makes my hair so soft if I use this on its own and then blow dry my hair. It does leave an oily residue if you do get it on certain floors (aka. wooden floors) but despite that it is amazing. It smells just like my favourite coconut scent and has become a staple in my haircare routine.

CoCo LoCo Blow & Go Genius Lotion // I picked this up on a whim after someone said it worked like a detangled for them. You apply a brazil nut (random description I know) of this into the ends of your hair. I find this, alongside the spritz, makes my hair feel like it's in amazing condition. I don't think it works as a detangler personally on my hair but it does make it feel amazing. I find this does work best when used before drying your hair and if you apply it and don't dry your hair it can make the ends feel a teeny tiny bit greasy but apart from that its great.

So a bit of a hit and miss with this new range. I was really disappointed by the Shampoo and Conditioner, especially as I love so many of their other ranges! The Blow & Go Genius Lotion and the CoConut Sprtiz are my current dream team when it comes to lusciously soft locks and the smell these emit lingers for days! I really want to try the mask in the range as well as Lee Stafford masks are a love of mine! Hopefully that won't disappoint!

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