Spread The Love # 1

Happy Valentine's Day!

Seeing as it is the day of love and all that I thought it was only apt for me to do a post relating to spreading the love in the blogging community. I did do a post relating to my favourite Vlogger's before Christmas and as I loved doing it so much I thought I'd share my favourite Blog's with all of you, some you may have heard of and if not hopefully you will find a new favourite!

I love Em's blog. Her content is witty, relevant and something I can definitely relate to. I love her Without The Scales posts and her Why Periods Suck post is definitely very true! I love her university posts and she just seems very down to earth and it comes across in her blog.

Charlotte's blog has something for everything from beauty related posts, to lifestyle, to travel, to food. She cover's everything. I often find myself hoping a post of hers will pop up on my Bloglovin' feed, I can find something whatever mood I'm in which is something I love when reading blogs in general. I love all of her Happy Things posts and her Sassy Books posts too!

I have read Corrie's blog for years and I still find myself searching her blog all the time hoping there's a post I haven't yet read. Again, she's so down to earth and I just love the way she writes her posts. Her Life Advice posts are helpful and can be inspirational and I can completely relate to her 10 Things I've Learnt Since Becoming An Adult. I love how I've watched her blog grow as well as her as a person. I also love her YouTube videos!

Olivia Jade is just one of those people that I think if I knew her in 'real' life we would just gel and get each other. She's not afraid to write about sensitive topics with her Lets Talk posts. She's an all rounder blogger posting life, beauty, random things which I love as there seriously is something for whatever mood you are in or your interests. Her Why You Don't Need THOSE People In Your Life post really spoke to me like most of her posts do, they get me thinking about the type of person I am and who I want to be. She's also super friendly on Twitter, which is something I love from bloggers and I've often spoken to her on there.

Melanie again is an all rounder blogger (can you sense a theme!?) and has recently been posting a lot more beauty related posts which I love. I also love looking through her archives and reading old posts including her Book Reviews. I also loved her Adorable Valentine's Day Cards despite the fact that I won't be giving or receiving one this year, all the ones she listed are so so cute and I would definitely be buying one of them if I did need to!

I do want to do more of these posts as I think it is important to Spread the Love in the blogging community! Maybe every couple of months these will be a feature.

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