The Love / Hate Tag

I've seen this tag floating around for quite a while and its been on my 'blog post ideas' list for quite a while and I thought it was time I ought to put my edition out there. Basically, if you don't know the just is to name ten things that you love and ten things you hate. It's a lot harder than it first sounds!

As with most of my posts like this lets start with the things I hate first so we can end this on a high!
  1. Filling my car up with petrol, its such a chore.
  2. The dentist, I think this is obvious enough but now I have to pay to go to see someone I hate and thats just even worse.
  3. People who interrupt you when you're talking, rude much!?
  4. Rude customers, working in retail you learn to deal with them but I can still hate them, right? It's not my fault your favourite brand of coffee is out of stock!
  5. Wet leaves, as much as I love autumn, the leaves falling off of the trees mixed with the inevitable wet weather has caused me so many injuries in the past, its just so unnecessary!
  6. Shop sizes, why can't it all be universal the amount of times I go into one shop and try on two different tops in the same size and one will fit but the other will be too big/small, it makes shopping so much more effort than it actually needs to be!
  7. HTML coding, its all so complicated and goes straight over my head.
  8. The sound of nails down a chalkboard or anything that imitates that sound, I have shivers just thinking about it.
  9. People who leave their alarms to go one for what feels like hours and hours, just turn it off already!
  10. People who are patronising, I don't want to be spoken to like I'm a child, I've been there, done that.

Now to end on a positive note, the ten things I love:
  1. My dogs, when I come home from university they greet me as if I've never been gone, its the best feeling.
  2. Candles, they make such a cosy atmosphere and they smell amazing.
  3. All things make up related, obviously.
  4. Driving, anywhere, anytime. The independence it gives is such an amazing feeling.
  5. Baking, I love to bake, plus I have such a sweet tooth so anything that satisfies that is a bonus.
  6. Friends, I'm currently watching it now as I'm writing this, the love I have for this show, I can watch it a thousand times over without getting bored.
  7. Netflix, like food I have an unhealthy relationship with Netflix. I can be on Netflix for hours on end, its a problem but it has to be done sometimes.
  8. My family, I know they are always there whenever I need them and they are all so lovely (most of the time anyway!)
  9. My mum, okay I know technically she's my family but I have no idea where I'd be without her, she's my rock and since going to university I've learnt to appreciate her so much more, she's my best friend.
  10. My blog. I am so proud of my little chunk of the internet and so happy I took the plunge to start it.
That was way harder than I ever expected it to be. To come up with ten things you love and ten things you hate on the spot is so much more difficult then you'd think. It was so much harder to come up with ten things I hate than coming up with ten things I love, I guess that must be a good thing though, right?

I nominate whoever reads this to have a go at The Love/Hate Tag it's such a fun post to write and really gets you to think! If you do this tag make sure to link your post below so I can read them I'd love to know the ten things you and the ten things you love!

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