Review // OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco

OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Haircare
"Indulge your senses and your hair. This renewing formula helps strengthen and soften all at once, smoothing your locks into their silkiest potential."

After my other OGX shampoo and conditioner ran out I knew I wanted to try more things from the brand but was intrigued by the different ranges they had available. I had previously tried the Moroccan Argan Creme range and had loved it (post all about those here) so I knew I still wanted to use something with argan oil in it and there were still lots of different types to try, in the end I opted for this range.

Like I've said previously I really like the packaging, as they are sleek and easy to pick up but due to it's unusual shape the product can get difficult to get out when they are half full/nearly empty.

The product itself has a very luxurious feeling, from the scent to the texture and feel of the product and how it makes my hair feel after using it. I always like using matching shampoo and conditioners and these make my hair feel amazing. Is it as good as the Moroccan Argan Creme range? In my opinion no, as much as I like this range it just isn't working wonders on my hair like the Moroccan Argan Creme range did.

I will continue trying out the OGX ranges, but I might not purchase this specific range again.

Have you tried the OGX products? What range would you recommend? 

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