Slimming World Update #5

Monday 4 January // First weigh in of the New Year. Despite not going out clubbing for NYE I did stay in with my sister and stuffed my face with very bad food. Despite this I was surprised that I lost 0.5 lb which was a great start to the New Year, something which I definitely needed to spur me on!

Monday 11 January // Started the New Year as I meant to go on by being completely on plan, despite this though I gained 1lb I was surprised as I had been 100% on plan and was disappointed but I think it may have been the week before gaining up on me as I did eat a lot. But I've realised just how much I really want need this. I have been uncomfortable and unhappy with my body for far too long and I need to make a change. 2016 will be my year!

Monday 18 January // This week dragged. I made some new recipes and tried some new meals which were a success and also used my Syns a lot this past week. I was intrigued to see how this affected my body as usually I try to use as few Syns as possible, but after not working (aka. gaining, losing, maintaining, gaining, losing, maintaining, its a vicious cycle!) I wanted to try something different. I guess it paid off as I lost 2.5 lbs, losing what I had gained the previous week and more! Also it meant I FINALLY achieved my Stone and a Half Award. I am beyond happy and so excited to go back to university with this under my belt. It's exactly what I needed to keep me going and carry on doing SW back at University.

Wednesday 27 January // Back at university. I haven't had any lectures as of yet but its been nice getting into a routine and being back in Oxford. I have been food optimising to the best of my ability. Sometimes having ten days between weigh-ins is difficult as it feels like such a long time and so much could go wrong (if you've done any diet you will know exactly what I mean).  I am absolutely gutted by the fact I've gained 6.5lbs, I literally have no idea how or why, I'm praying it's water retention as I feel super small at the minute and managed to buy a size 10 pair of jeans from Topshop which I've never ever done before. But I am still on it and continuing with my Instagram and just carry on as I have been.

I cannot wait to be fully back into the swing of things in terms of university and being 100% on plan. I am determined to get to target by my birthday and if I keep having the mindset I have at the minute, nothing is going to get in my way!

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