January Highlights

The other day I wasn't feeling 100% (woe is me and all that) and when you feel crap you start thinking negatively, which was against my 2016 Life Goals. So to take myself out of this mindset I started thinking of all the good things going on in my life or what has happened recently and instantly felt better. Feeling and thinking positively makes such a difference, so I thought to make this blog more positive I will start doing monthly highlights, mainly as something I can look back on after time to remind myself of the little things that made me happy which I may have forgotten as time goes on.

Getting my Stone and a Half Award // earlier this month I finally achieved my stone and a half award,  it was a long time coming and my weight loss journey has been frustrating to say the least but achieving this has kept me going and the feeling I felt when I w on the scales to see I had finally achieved it was amazing. Achieving mini goals is amazing and is such a great mood booster.

Hitting 250 followers on Bloglovin // my little blog has grown so much since August 2015 and I'm so proud of it. I'm excited to see how it grows throughout 2016. I know numbers and followers aren't everything but knowing at least one person goes out of their way to read my blog makes me unbelievable happy!

Having a 7 Week Christmas Break // I am very fortunate in that I've had near enough a 7 week break from university for Christmas. As much as I complain that it's too long and I'd much rather be back at university I am still very grateful. So many of my friends have literally two weeks off or even because of work commitments have literally no time off or because they have assignments or exams after their break have to work in the so called time off/break. I am so lucky in that all my assignments and exams are done before Christmas which enables us to have so long off with no work set to do, it has enabled to me to catch up on notes and reading and even get ahead of some of the work I have to do as well as start some important revision.

Going Back To University // okay so I know I just went on about having so long off at Christmas but going back to university has been amazing. Before Christmas I literally couldn't wait to go home due to a number of reasons which I won't go through here but I have done an update post here if you want to check it out. I love the independence and how much I have to rely on myself, I think it really makes a person grow up. It's also made me realise how much I need to work to make sure I can afford to live in my own place when I finish university so I don't have to move back home.

ALM Results // So this month we got out results from last semester, because most of my modules are double modules I only got one module result but I got a good 2:1 which was an amazing relief and a little pick me up I definitely needed at the end of the month. Now just to get my coursework results in the next couple of weeks!

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