Beanies Coffee

 I am a lover of coffee and since joining Slimming World flavoured coffee's seemed a thing of the past as most syrups contain ridiculous amounts of sugar so when people in my group started talking about Beanies coffee I knew I needed to try them.

Just to put this out there this post isn't sponsored I just love this coffee so much!

There are so many flavours to choose from and after picking up the Irish Cream flavour after work mum decided to treat me to four more flavours which she ordered off their website here. I do have favourites but they are all amazing!

Mint Chocolate // This isn't as minty as I thought or as chocolatey but you definitely can tell the flavour! You get a hint of mint as the coffee hits the back of your throat and it has chocolate tones within it to give it a sort of mocha taste. This probably has to be my least favourite out of the lot but I still really like it!

Orange Chocolate // I really like this. I love chocolate orange flavoured things (Terry's Chocolate Orange anyone!?) so was definitely intrigued to try this flavour out. I find this sweet, but not too sweet, has just the right amount of orange flavouring and the chocolate taste isn't too overbearing. I sometimes forget I'm even drinking coffee when I have this flavour!

Amaretto Almond // This smells just like amaretto and its surprising how much taste this kicks off despite not being at all alcoholic! This is quite nutty in taste but it is so rich and tastes so luxurious. Like all of these it feels like you are being really naughty when you really aren't!

Irish Coffee // My first Beanies coffee flavour. This smells just like Baileys, which is my absolute favourite! It doesn't taste like a Bailey's coffee unfortunately but still tastes amazing! It does taste tangy and just really luxurious. This and Amaretto Almond are my go to evening coffees as they just taste so amazing!

Cinder Toffee // This is by far my most favourite flavour, so much so that I've used the most of this one. This tastes sweet and just so good! I don't know how to explain it but this is my choice when I want a hug in a cup! I do add a sweetener as I find it brings out the flavour more but this is amazing!

Despite having quite a vast variety there are so many other flavours Beanies do. They can be pretty hard to get hold of, they've only just started selling them in some Tesco's but Sainsbury's is your best bet or off Beanies themselves and according to my mum the delivery was really good and quick and they often do deals!

As these are flavoured coffees these aren't the cheapest at £2.50 for 50g but that's enough as these are for a treat. I bought myself one jar and mum treated me to the other four so I didn't just go completely crazy! There are some other flavours I would love to try including the Gingerbread Coffee, Coconut Delight and Very Vanilla! Maybe I'll have to work my way through these ones first though!

Have you tried Beanies Coffee before? What were your thoughts?

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