Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Collection

I have become a recent lover of painting my nails, it is a rare occasion when there isn't some sort of colour on my nails. In becoming a fan of painting my nails I have become obsessed with nail polish and have quickly become a fan of the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine range and have picked up a range of shades that I thought I would share with you today.

The Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nail polishes are a thick consistency which apply opaque with two coats. Like the name suggests they are have a glossy finish even without a top coat and I find on me these can last four days without a top coat and even longer with. For me this is amazing as my hands do go through a lot, from washing up the dishes to typing ridiculous amounts as well as working on the checkouts in a supermarket. They are such a bargain too at £3.99 per polish, which for the quality is great and they are often on offer too! Okay enough about the collection as a whole, now to know what colours I have in my collection.

From L-R
Guava // A beautiful blue/teal/aqua colour which looks amazing with a tan and applies like a dream just like all of the other Gelly Hi Shine polishes.

Sky Blue // A lovely neutral blue that isn't too blue toned for everyday wear. I've had lots of compliments when I wear this on my nails and I was surprised by how much I love this shade on my nails.

Blueberry // A lovely pale blue cross lilac shade which I often get drawn too in my collection. It looks so lovely on the nails and makes my nails look longer than they are, which is such a bonus!

Blackberry // I love dark colours to wear on my nails all year round especially on my toes and this looks amazing on my toes as well as on my nails and is so my shade. This also looks great with a silver glitter top coat over the top for nights out or just when you want to feel a bit glam.

Chai // I have always wanted a grey nail polish, mainly because most of wardrobe is grey, black and white and thought this would look really chic on my nails. I was not wrong, I love wearing this for all occasions and for work as well as it looks so nice and so 'grown up' (does that even make sense!?).

Almond // A firm favourite and I can go weeks with this continuously on my nails. It looks natural without looking too weird on the nails, it looks great with a nice gold glitter accent nail and just ties an outfit together. I really want to get some more nuder shades from this collection as I am so impressed with this specific shade.

So that's my collection, small but has everything I need. I do want to expand this but I do have lots of other nail polishes too but this is by far my favourite formulation. I really do want to try more so if you have any recommendations for me please leave them below!

What is your favourite nail polish formulation?

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