What To Expect in 2016

Despite writing two posts dedicated to my 2016 goals (you can read my life one here and my blogging one here) I thought I should do an overall update post to let you all know what is going to be featuring on Beauty and Me throughout the next year and maybe beyond but let's not get ahead of ourselves yet.

Schedule // My schedule for the foreseeable future will be staying the same as it has done since i started blogging again in August. For those who are new followers (hey there!) or in case you just want to know I post on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sunday's and theres usually at least one lifestyle and beauty post a week. Wednesday's will be reserved for 'bonus' posts so always keeps your eye out!

Series Posts // I don't really do 'series' posts as such on my blog anymore (I used to years ago when I first started out) but there are some posts which I will be continuing to do throughout the year, this is where I would love some feedback if there is a specific post you want to see from me please comment it down below and I will definitely try to incorporate into my blog! Anyway the posts that will be continuing are my Slimming World Updates as they are quite popular and help keep myself on track in my weight loss journey. Alongside this I will be continuing my What I'm Watching posts as I love reading posts like that as well as enjoy writing them, at the moment they go up every other month and I'm hoping for that to continue in 2016. Another post 'series' that I will continue is my Current Beauty Favourites, now these aren't as rigid as monthly favourites as I found I'd force myself to find 'favourites' just for a post so now do a Current Beauty Favourites post as and when I see fit which seems to be every other month but this isn't rigid so it could go up whenever. 

New Features // Alongside keeping some old favourite 'series' posts I will also be adding some new types of posts into the mix. I really want to broaden my blog and post more different types of posts which hopefully will be featuring on my blog at some point in 2016. Some of my ideas at the moment are cooking/baking posts. I love to cook and bake and doing Slimming World I have to cook a lot of things from scratch so would love to be able to incorporate those onto my blog. Alongside this I want to post more 'make up look' posts, I really like experimenting with make up and would love to be able to do posts like "Everyday make up look" etc. These are only a couple of ideas but I will happily take ideas or thoughts on these!

So just a little update from me in terms of my blog today! I am not going anywhere anytime soon, hopefully and I want my blog to continue growing as I am quite proud of my little area of the internet.
 Don't forget theres a whole new post up tomorrow as well!

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