Top Five Under Five: Beauty Edition

I love buying beauty products and finding gems that won't break the bank if I ever need to repurchase them! I did do a Top Ten Under Ten a while back now but thought I should do a Top Five Under Five for those times when it's the end of the month and payday is just out of reach but you still want to treat yourself.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19
It wouldn't be right to do a Top Five Under Five and not include this. This is a well loved product amongst the beauty community and it's not difficult to know why. It gives great coverage whilst not creasing and is so cheap that it won't break the bank for anyone.

Barry M Gelly Nail Polish £3.99
I know people who really do not get on with the formulation of these Barry M Nail Polishes but they are by far my favourite formulation. I can easily get away with not adding a base or top coat when using these and they last great on my nails. They also are really opaque which means I don't have to apply ten coats to get a good colour pay off which makes them perfect to apply when you don't have much time. The colours available in this formulation are really good I have nudes, blues and even a grey in my collection and I pick them over any other nail varnish.

Soap & Glory Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Gel £2.50
It is well known that I love this antibacterial hand gel and have gone through endless bottles. This had to be featured on my post. My bag wouldn't be complete without this gem and seriously if you haven't tried this yet you definitely should! The one reason I love it so much is purely the scent, it doesn't smell alcohol based at all unlike many other antibacterial hand gels I've tried and is the perfect addition to any girls handbag.

Blister Intensive Moisturiser £2.49
Seeing as it is getting colder and I've been loving darker and bolder lips I've been having to make sure my lips are super moisturised and I always go back to this moisturiser. It's not the cheapest but it is, in my opinion, one of the best (it's even better when its on offer!). It does apply really thick so can only be used when you aren't planning on seeing anyone for a while or overnight. I usually use this in the morning as I'm applying my make up so that by the time I apply my lipstick this would all be absorbed and lips will be lipstick ready.  I recommend this to anyone who ever wants a heavy duty lip balm and so far no one has been disappointed!

Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl £5
This is right at the top of the under £5 bracket but it is such a good eyeliner that doesn't get the recognition it deserves. This eyeliner is waterproof and jet black and as you can see from the pictures I've used just about half of the eyeliner. I opt for this on nights out to line my top lashes to make them appear thicker and it does not budge. I wish they bought this out in different colours as a brown or a nude would be perfect!

What are your Top Five Under Five products. I think I'll be doing a Top Ten Under Ten : Skincare Edition soon as there are so many good skincare products available at the high street!

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