Review: Got 2 Be Oil-Licious Tame & Shine Styling Oil


"Does sleek, glossy hair feel like a distant dream? Make it reality with got2b oil-licious tame & shine styling oil. The non-greasy formula with Argan Oil absorbs instantly and can be used for:

1) extra care pre-washing,
2) better manageability pre-styling (damp hair),
3) sleek finished styles (dry hair).
Journey to hair oasis!"

This oil I completely picked up on a whim (which is completely unlike me I usually research before buying most things!) and have not looked back. This oil is amazing I apply it on damp hair (I don't like applying oils onto dry hair just in case I apply too much!) and it makes my hair smell amazing. If I blow-dry my hair this gives my hair such a glossy shine and makes frizz seem like a thing of the past. Equally if I don't dry my hair this gives my hair a beautiful shine and makes it so soft to handle. Despite adding an oil to my hair I don't find this makes my hair any greasier than not using an oil and I can still go three days  without needing to wash my hair (I rarely leave it that long, every other day is my routine!)

I have recently also been using it on dry hair before going in the shower. I put it on maybe half an hour/an hour before I plan to have a shower and in that time I put a face mask on as well and then just wash it out and carry on my usual hair care routine. It leaves my hair so soft and smooth and not too greasy or oily.

This oil only £4.19 for 50ml.
I've not even hit half way yet and I use it so much!

What are your thoughts on hair oils? What ones have you tried?

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