Current Beauty Favourites

I can't quite believe it's been two months since I did my last Current Beauty Favourites(here),  seriously where has the time gone?! In those two months, I've moved back to university and am working towards deadlines and have lecture and seminar notes scattered everywhere! Anyway I thought seeing as it had been two months I should once again share my current beauty favourites, there is definitely a autumnal/winter theme going on with my favourites at the minute!
I have been loving painting my nails at the minute, there is hardly ever an occasion where there isn't some form of nail polish on my nails. Obviously most of the time it does have to be practical due to work. I have definitely been gravitating towards the nude-y spectrum of my collection and the two nail polishes pictured above most definitely fit the bill. First up is probably my favourite formulation of nail polish in the form of Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Almond, I have so many of this formulation in my collection. I love Barry M nail polishes anyway but this formulation is something else, without a top coat I can get a good four days chip free nails (and that's doing everything I normally do from cleaning and washing up to writing notes and typing up blog posts!) they are amazing and I definitely want to get my hands on some darker shades. Another nail polish favourite is something I picked up a whim on a trip to Superdrug when it was 3 for 2 on L'Oreal and I got the nail polish in 106 Versailles Gold. I am obsessed with this colour at the minute it looks so chic and effortless on the nails and it can look different shades of gold in different lights. I love copper bronze looks on the nails and this definitely fits the bill. I love the formulation of L'Oreal nail polishes as they take a lot to chip but they apply smoothly and opaquely as well.

Following on with the gold theme I have been loving highlighter this month especially for nights out and have been opting for my The Balm Mary Lou Manizer (I just love the name of all of their products!) to give an effortless golden glow to my skin, I love just as glowy skin in the winter as I do in the summer. A little of this goes a long way definitely, you can definitely over apply so I'm always really cautious to apply this in the day unless I apply with my fingers.

To go with my gold glowy skin I have been opting for a darker lip in the day time which is very brave for me as I normally stick with my nudes and opt for a darker lip in the evening for nights out or events. But I find sometimes a dark lip with certain eyes just ties everything all together. I have rediscovered this Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Rosewood, I'd be lying if I didn't say that I picked this up simply because of the name (PLL anyone?!) but this colour is a perfect deep pink/plum colour which can be sheered out or really built up. I have been loving this but do find I have to apply a good lip balm beforehand as it can be quite drying throughout the day.

Due to all of my lectures being at 9am this year (which is torture by the way!) there have been some very early mornings and after a late night my Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eye Liner in Nude has been a lifesaver to make my eyes look more awake and it works a treat to make my eyes look wider/bigger. 

There never goes a day when I don't wear black eyeliner my eyes look naked without it in my opinion (anyone else?) and have recently found this L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim in Black and I don't usually opt for a felt tip liner as they dry out really quickly but this one is amazing as I can easily achieve both thin and thick eyeliner looks and most importantly a winged eye liner look! 

Recently my skin has been feeling very lack lustre so I picked out my Mac Fix+ from my stash and have been spraying it on my face before applying primer as well as after applying my foundation and this has definitely been giving my skin the pick me up its needed and its so refreshing to spray directly on your face, I will definitely be picking up the smaller size to keep in my bag for on the go!

Lastly, a hair favourite from me this month. My hair when I was younger was always super shiny but as I got older due to heat styling and whatnot my hair has been looking really dull so I decided to pick up a new hair oil. I picked this up on a complete whim when I was doing my grocery shopping. I picked up Schwarzkopf got2b Oil-Vicious Tame & Shine Styling Oil and use it every time I have a shower on damp hair and my hair has been looking so much more healthier and definitely shiner. People have actually been commenting on how good my hair looks. I am so impressed with this and for such a small price tag I am so impressed!

That's all of my Current Beauty Favourites at the moment. I really feel a splurge coming on soon as I really want to try out new products and want to expand my collection (its a real problem!) so expect a haul soon maybe, if not my next Current Beauty Favourites may feature a whole new bunch of products.

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