The Autumn Tag!

Despite blogging for a number of years I have only ever done one variation of The Autumn Tag and that was back in 2012 (if you want a bit of a throwback you can read it here) and I did do a post on 5 Things I Won't Miss About Summer last month (you can read that here) so when I saw this Tag circling around I knew it had to be on my blog as Autumn is definitely one of my favourite times of year! 
001 Favourite Thing About Autumn?
I think its got to be the darker evenings(despite making it so difficult to take decent blog photos), the leaves on the trees turning from green to gorgeous colours of reds and oranges and just the cosiness of the entire season. Cold = bundling up in big jumpers and comfy clothes and lighting lots and lots of candles whilst bundled up with tons of blankets. If that doesn't scream perfect I don't know what does.

002 Favourite Drink?
My favourite drink in the autumn, this year anyway, is just a hot drink in general whether it be coffee or green tea (I am loving the cherry bakewell and fudge melts green tea!). A hot drink plus a good film is all a girl needs in the autumn months(well maybe some warm clothes too but you get what I mean!).

003 Favourite Scent?
I don't know if this in terms of fragrance or candles so I'm going to generalise it a bit. I love sweet scents in the autumn and winter whether that be a sweet vanilla body spray or a vanilla candle. I am currently sat here burning the Yankee Candle Cherry Vanilla candle and it smells heavenly. Some people opt for spicy scents as such but I am very much a sweet scent person especially in the colder months.

005 Go To Eyeshadow Colour?
I own a lot of eyeshadows (and its really bad but I definitely want more to add to my collection!) and I think for a lot of people, myself included, love golden, red-dy shades in the autumn. My favourite at the moment has to be MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow, either on its own with a bit of black eyeliner (winged if I'm feeling super fancy) or with a deep, warm brown in the crease just screams a perfect autumn eye!

006 Favourite TV Show/Film?
This question was originally your favourite music/band but as I don't really have any favourites for that at the minute I thought I'd change it to suit me more. My favourite TV show at the minute has to be How To Get Away With Murder I love this show, I discovered it on Netflix and quickly finished the first series and am now watching it weekly as it is aired. My favourite film at the minute is an oldie but a goodie and its Bridget Jones Diary this film has been a favourite of mine for years its just so funny and relatable and I always watch it in the colder months and have been obsessed once again.

007 Favourite Thing To Wear?
I love to wear comfy jumpers and in particular one I bought from H&M for only £7.99! (I can't find it online but it looks really similar to this one!) I'm definitely going to and pick up another one (or maybe two) because they are so cosy and so so cheap!

I love Autumn if you couldn't already tell and will defintiely be doing some Autumn related posts going into November. If you have any posts you want to see definitely comment down below or tweet  me (all my social media is always linked below!) and I will take them into consideration!

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