My Go To Summer Base

As the weather has been getting warmer in the UK (a rarity!) I have been experimenting with my base and have found a winner in my eyes in terms of durability, wear and flawlessness.

I have had samples of the Mac Strobe Cream(£24.50) over the past couple of years and recently purchased the full size because of how great it makes my skin look. I hate dull looking skin on me, I want life and glow on my skin as it just makes me personally feel more human. This strobe cream is perfect, it is meant to be a moisturiser but I use it after I've done my usual skincare routine as an extra and then sometimes use a primer on top of this. The cream worn alone just gives a beautiful glow to the skin and is such a pick me up especially after a night out!

 I had heard a lot about the Mac Face and Body Foundation(£21.50) and it seemed like a good mix for me as I like buildable coverage. This is the first high end foundation I've ever purchased, simply because I don't want to get too attached to a ridiculously priced foundation and feel like I have to repurchase it, in my personal opinion there are just as good bases on the high street and because of the price I feel like I can experiment a lot more and try more out. 

Anyway, this foundation is great because if I'm having a good skin day I only need to apply one or two layers and if I want more coverage I can do it with this foundation so a great all rounder. My skin with the combination of the two is just a beautiful dewy foundation look. I do use a powder to set my base, I'm not overly fussy with a powder I use but I find this base lasts me all day even in the warmer weather and find it looks better throughout the day as well and doesn't need any touchups. 

This is my go to Summer Base, what products do you like to use particularly in the summer as I would love to know!
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