July Highlights

July has been a pretty hectic month for me. It wasn't so much at the beginning of the month but the last couple of weeks have flown by and have been insane!

Surprise 50th Birthday // It is one of my dads really good friends 50th at the beginning of August and his wife decided to throw a surprise birthday party. After a lot of planning and secrets it all went off without a hitch and was such a nice evening where I let my hair down a little bit and just had an amazing evening.

Going to a Wedding // When I was younger we lived next door (we still live near them now) to this family and the oldest child, Ben, got married at the end of the month and I was fortunate enough to be invited all day. It was such a beautiful day and lovely to see people I don't get a chance to see that often. It was lovely to be included in such a special occasion.

Catching Up with Jess // I've mentioned my friend Jess (YouTube here and Blog here) quite a few times on here but since been g back from university at the end of May I have literally not seen her. We have both been really busy and time has literally flown by. It was so nice to catch up and we just talk and talk for ages about everything. We will hopefully be meeting up again before we both go back to university which will be lovely.

Dad's 50th Birthday // On the 30th July it was my Dad's 50th birthday. I can't believe that he's 50th, I honestly don't believe he is that old. We had some family members come up from Wiltshire and we went out for lunch and it was honestly such a lovely day.

My Sisters 18th Birthday // On the 31st July it was Megan's birthday (yeah a bit of a hectic weekend in our house!). It was really nice, and she didn't really want to do anything so we just had a lovely chilled day at home with a takeaway, a couple of glasses of prosecco whilst sitting in our pyjamas. We are very different and whereas on my 18th I went out and got drunk legally for the first time whereas Megan doesn't like drinking and would much rather spend the night in then go out! But don't worry I will be taking her out very soon!

July has been a very busy month. I'm definitely looking forward to a more relaxed August and of course I am going to Disneyland Paris at the end of the month so that's something to be excited for!

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