15 of My Favourite Feelings

I was inspired by this video by Essie Button and decided it would make a good post. So here it goes 15 Of My Favourite Feelings:

1 Coming home from university and sleeping in my own bed

2 Cuddles from my dogs

3 Drinking a good cup of coffee

4 Having clean make up brushes

5 Buying the perfect gift for someone

6 Getting home and changing straight into my comfies

7 Taking my make up off after a long day

8 Buying the perfect fitting pair of jeans

9 Finishing a good book

10 Buying new make up

11 Driving aimlessly

12 Meeting targets, whatever they are for

13  Having a lie in and aimlessly watching Netflix or YouTube

14 Having candles lit in my room

15 Writing and scheduling blog posts and just being organised in general

I loved this post but coming up with 15 things was definitely harder than I thought it'd be.
What are your 15 favourite feelings?

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