So...I Joined Slimming World!

A bit of a bonus post today as I've wanted to blog about this for a while but trying to work out when was difficult (I've got a blog post plan and didn't want to change it!) so I decided as its Bank Holiday weekend I'd do an extra post today!

If you can't tell from the title I've joined Slimming World! This is post is well overdue because I first joined Slimming World on Monday 6th July and boy what a journey its been. I had wanted to lose weight for a long long time but never could must up the courage to do it fully and I wanted to do it in a healthy way. Being at university my weight fluctuated a lot and I wanted to change for the better. Slimming World was my choice of group to attend because of how easy it is and how you can still eat lots on it (which was obviously very important). I joined with my mum as she, like myself, often complained about how she looked but never did anything about it. We thought doing it together would make it easier, we could lean on each other for support, we could cook together and just make sure neither one of us was going off track. I personally don't know if I would've done as well as I have if mum hadn't joined with me.

I don't want to put my starting weight on here right now (I may do in the future) as I don't want it plastered all over the internet. However, I will be doing monthly updates about how I'm getting on and how much weight I've lost. I wanted to document this journey so it can be something I can look back on in months to come and realise how far I've come. Going back to university is going to be a struggle but one I'm willing to conquer and still continue to lose weight, for me slimming world is all about making the right decisions in terms of food and still treating myself in between. 

Okay so now onto my journey so far. Like I said I started at the beginning of July so I've been going for 8 weeks when this post goes up. It hasn't been easy but it will be worthwhile when I get to where I want to be.

I have had quite a steady weight loss so far, having a loss every week apart from one where I maintained but other than that I've been happy with my progress so far. I'm not going to put what I've lost week by week today but after 3 weeks I got my half stone award which I was so so happy with! I have now lost in total 12lbs (2lbs off from my stone award!) in 7 weeks and I am so unbelievably proud of myself. I know its going to be a long journey but one I cannot wait to continue after seeing the results already. I'm nowhere near where I want to be but I'm getting closer to it week-by-week.

UPDATE: I've just weighed in and lost my 2lbs so now I've lost 1 Stone in 8 weeks! So happy! Now off for a well deserved cheat night which may or may not be consisting of a cheeky Dominos!

I'm looking forward to documenting my journey with you all and post some Slimming World friendly recipes in the future, maybe. 
Do any of you go to Slimming World? What has your journey been like?

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