My MAC Eyeshadow Palette

I have recently been adding more and more to my MAC 15 eyeshadow palette and thought as I've about half filled it it was time I should share it with you all. I'm really happy with the shades I have so far but there is always room for improvement!


All That Glitters
A beautiful peachy gold colour which is my go to shade when I just want a wash colour over my lid. My first ever MAC purchase and which quickly escalated into my ever-growing eyeshadow obsession.

Naked Lunch
If you can't already tell I quite like neutral colours and naked lunch is no exception. Its a subtle shimmery pink that looks perfect all over the lid with Wedge in the crease for a subtle neutral eye.

I wanted a block matte colour in my collection and this seemed like the perfect fit. Its perfect over the lid for a flush of colour for a no make up look or in the crease to add some definition to an eye look. I sometimes use this as an eyeshadow powder as well. A great all round shade.

I really want the shade Cranberry in my collection but didn't want such a bold colour that I couldn't use daily so settled for Mythology. Its a deep copper colour with flecks of pink shimmer. I use this quite a lot for smokey eye looks or to darken up a peachy eye for a night look. Its such a beautiful colour and something I should definitely use a lot more than I do.

This is a rich shimmery brown shade that I find is really wearable all year round. I often use it like I use most of my darker shades in the crease and to do a golden smokey eye look as it really warms up an eye look.

Satin Taupe
This is again a brown shimmery brown shade that is a lot deeper than Sable and again it is used to add depth to an eye look in the crease and for smokey eye shades.

This is one of my most recent additions to my mac palette and I absolutely love it. Its a unusual shade to describe but its like a brown shade with tiny gold flecks in it to give it definition. Its great for a subtle wash of colour over the lids or in the crease. I commonly use this in the crease alongside All That Glitters for a lovely summer eye.

Again another recent addition to my mac palette. I am still experimenting with this it looks scarier in the pan than it comes across. It has blue flecks in it and is a brown shade. The reason I got this was because of Lucy's Everyday Make Up Routine and her eyeshadow looked amazing and something I really wanted to try!

I am really enjoying using my Mac Eyeshadow Palette at the moment and I'm looking forward to eventually filling it all up. I am always open to eyeshadow recommendations and am looking to try some more adventurous and different shades of eyeshadow to add to my already very neutral collection.Let me know if you have any of these eyeshadows and also what you have in your mac eyeshadow palette if you have one as I'd love to know!

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