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I was recently informed of the results of a number of fashion bloggers Top 10 Fashion Money Saving Websites. Seeing as I am one of those people who are always looking for good offers and good value fashion clothing for less so thought it would be an interesting post to share with my readers.

This is a hire website, where you can hire dresses and accessories for different occasions from different well known brands and then return them after you've used them. Better then splashing out for a new dress for an occasion and only ever wear it once and then it take up room in your wardrobe.

9. Asos
Asos is a website well known for selling clothes at cheaper then the high street prices (majority of the time). They also sell branded products usually at a discounted prices, they are known to sell branded make-up as well as high street brand River Island.

This is a website where you can swap and sale direct from other fashion lovers all over the world. It includes both high street and designer fashion including shoes and accessories. Definitely a must visit if you want to spruce up your wardrobe without spending any money especially if you are planning a clear out. 

This is a discount website where there is up to 70% off some amazing brands. They even have an outlet website which I would definitely recommend to check out. However, to get all these deals you do have to become a member which is free but it would be worth it in my opinion to get some amazing deals. They don't just sell fashion but also home ware, men, footwear, electrical, jewellery and accessories.

6. BooHoo
BooHoo like Asos is another well known website. They sell a range of clothing, footwear and accessories all up to date with the fashion...They also sell them at cheap prices compared to some of the high street, plus they usually have some good offers on too, so keep an eye out!

This is quite similar to Secret Sales as it offers brands with up to 70%, they like to call it "the non-stop designer sale". They also have an outlet and you do have to become a member before being able to shop around but don't worry it is free again, something I would really recommend to go and have a look around.

Specifically designed for the designer junkies. This is a holy grail website for discount designers, a massive outlet store for all things designer. It has brands such as Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang and at a fraction of a price!

This is a website all fashionistas need to bookmark, it's the place to find where the latest offers and sales are at as well as offering latest fashion voucher codes, always handy if you are placing a big order on a website and want to cut off a slice of the price.

Well, as you can probably tell this is a website which sells everything for £5. Perfect for someone who wants something budget friendly but is still in with the latest fashion. They sell a range of clothes from coats and dresses to bags and shoes.

1. eBay
Once known as where someone sold unwanted objects or used items. This usually puts people off buying from eBay but recently a lot of stores have started opening up their own eBay stores so you know you're getting the real deal. Also brands such as Superdry and a lot more have opened up outlet stores. 

Hope this has helped any of you lot looking for websites that are budget friendly!

Have you used any of these websites before?

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