July's Beauty Tip!

This month's beauty tip is one which I have recently used this myself and it isn't one everyone will use but it's a useful tip nonetheless.

This month's beauty tip...

Preventing Hair Dye Marks

Now if you don't dye your hair on a regular basis or get it dyed you probably don't know what I'm on about. Like when you tan you get tan lines sometimes when you dye your hair, especially when you do it yourself at home, you usually end up with hair dye outlining your face...not an attractive look and sometimes it can be pretty hard to remove. I normally turn to nail polish remover to get most of it off! Not good for your skin at all! But recently I discovered from a friend that by lining the edge of your face with vaseline before dying your hair it prevents the weird dye lines. It's easy to remove afterwards and prevents the hair dye lines and using weird and wonderful ways trying to remove them afterwards especially if you do it before you are going out!

Have you ever tried this before?
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