Back To School

Seeing as results day is right around the corner (23rd August for GCSE) and as I start sixth form (year 12) in September I thought I would do a set of "Back-to-School" posts. They would probably include how I am preparing myself for sixth form (further education) and what I plan to do.

I thought this would be useful for a variety of people especially seeing as it's that time of year again and people are going to be getting ready to go back to school,
start further education (sixth form or college) or starting at university.

Also, I have been thinking about maybe starting a monthly lifestyle post or something about my experience with sixth form and A-Levels especially as they are meant to be a lot harder then GCSEs. It might even help people in the same sort of boat as me too.

 If any of this would seem helpful to any of you or would interest you please let me know.

What are you doing in September?

PS I do know not all my readers are in education and for this I apologise if these posts would just be a waste of time for you, I will if I go on with this still continue with beauty posts at the same time so do not fear!
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