Friday 13th!

Hey guys,

Pointing out the obvious here but today is:

Taken from Google Images

 Now I always love hearing how people are affected by this, in my opinion it doesn't normally bother me simply because I have a brain like a sieve and forget that it's Friday 13th half way through the day. But on the odd occasion I do remember I realise I do things without realising, such as: avoiding ladders and drains and especially avoiding black cats. It might seem like small stupid things but its just the things everyone knows are meant to cause bad luck.
Taken from Google Images
I think I have become a bit more weary of Friday the 13th as I have gotten older, I don't know why I just have.

So, because it is Friday the 13th I was wondering do any of you have things you avoid or do on Friday the 13th?

Have you had any bad experiences on Friday 13th?
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