February's Beauty Tip!

I thought I would start doing a new segment where I write a beauty tip at the beginning of each month. I would do one each week but I would run out of tips quite easily. I might do one on the middle of the month if I really want to share a new tip I have discovered.

Beauty Tip of the Month
Today's beauty tip of the month is a cheaper alternative to make-up remover, baby oil. You have probably heard it before but I have been using it this month and it is amazing, it's cheaper then normal eye make-up remover and can be used for other things rather than just using it for make up remover. Not only can you use baby oil for a make-up remover but also for a moisturiser after you come out of the shower or a bath as it works wonders on really dry skin and leaves your skin feeling baby smooth. I am currently using the Tesco own Baby Oil and haven't even used that much bearing in mind I have used it all month! It's cheap and does the  job better then any other make-up remover I have used so it's a thumbs up from me!

Do you use any cheap alternatives for products?

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