January Favourites

Can't believe how quickly January has gone this year, feels only yesterday I was getting ready for Christmas!
So as you can probably tell this is my January Favourites and it has been so difficult for me to try and pick my favourites as I have loving a lot of products this month, but I have done it!

Urban Decay Naked Palette
I have been using this pretty much every day since I got it without fail! I LOVE IT! I do know the Naked 2 Palette has just been released but when looking and comparing both palettes I am so glad I got this one as I will use this a lot more. I love being able to do loads of different combinations on my eyes from just using one palette!

Urban Decay All Nighter Make-Up Setting Spray
I got this for Christmas and have used it on the odd day or evening when I have been going out or been wearing a lot of make-up and needed it to last all day. I have noticed it really working and it has made an obvious difference to how long my make up lasts.

Benefit High Beam
Winter months are always bleak and dreary but I have been using this most days as a highlighter and it gives my skin a nice subtle glow something which I seem to lack during these cold months. This is only a sample size I got free last year but I love using it. It makes me look really bright and alert and especially on Monday mornings when I feel the complete opposite. 

Vaseline - Original
I have been using this since my lip balm ran out and have been using it loads! I never really realised how chapped and dry my lips get in the winter but using this has put it at bay. Most people don't like Vaseline because of the greasy feeling it can make your lips feel but I personally like it. I don't jsut use it on my lips either before I got to bed I put it onto dry skin and it really works! If you haven't tried it for that yet, I would definitely recommend you to go try it out!

Nivea Lip Care Caregloss and Shine
I have been using this everyday after I apply Vaseline to my lips. I find this gives them a nice shine and rosy pink colour. Also it helps keep my lips moisturised throughout the day as well. It's a nice colour and smells nice and tastes rather nice too. Overall a nice product.I just love anything Nivea Lip Care.

Max Factor False Lash Effect - Waterproof
I have had this mascara for a while now and recently started reusing it again and I can't think why I ever stopped using it. It's a really wet formula which works. It makes my eyelashes longer and thicker without being over clumpy. I can apply it in the morning and it looks exactly the same when I come home in the evening. It holds the curl in my eye lashes amazingly and I can make my eyelashes look really natural for everyday use and really dramatic for evening wear.

Tesco Baby Oil
I use this every night to remove my eye make up, it removes all trace of make-up without having to pull or tug on my delicate eye area. It removes make-up at ease and is much cheaper then other eye make-up remover and I think it works better too!

Lee Stafford Heat Protection Spray
I have been using heat a lot this month, more then usual as this may sound weird but it's just too cold to have my hair up! When I have my hair up my ears get cold! Anyway, this makes my hair feel soft and stay straight while protecting my hair from heat. I have noticed while using this with my Lee Stafford Shine Serum my hair stays straight for longer and I have less obvious and visible split ends.

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Shine Serum
I have mentioned this product a lot since I got it but it is amazing I have been using it every time I low dry my hair. It makes my hair really shiny and smooth and has really made a difference on my split ends I don't seem to get as many as I used to before I used this. It also helps keep my hair straight for ages!

What's your January favourites?

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