No7 Bargain

As you all probably know last month Boots were giving away the £5 off No7 vouchers. I always seem to get them but never use them because by the time I find them in my purse they are no longer valid (this happens a lot) and I get really annoyed with myself especially when I have seen something I want from their range! But this time I was prepared I had been looking on the Boots website looking for products which look good and I want to try, I also 'borrowed' some products from my Mum as she got the No7 Hat Box while it was on offer. I did try most of the products in the box but the one I liked the most were the 4-in-1 Quick Think Wipes. ANd seeing as they would jsut be £2 with my voucher I had to go and buy my own.

I have been using this after removing my eye make-up most nights, I use them to remove any more traces of dirt and make-up on my face. They are so nice to use and not to wet or to dry they have the perfect formula. Also I love the look of their new packaging it looks so much better and clean. They still have the plastic thing on top to stop them drying out which I like, it reminds me of baby wipes as most of them have this feature as well. The only downside of this product is the original price. I like the wipes but I don't think I could spend £7 on a pack of wipes, to me it just seems too much.

Did you have a £5 off No7 at Boots voucher? What did you get with it?
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