University Update # 5 : House Drama

I am now officially back at university for third and final year, which is both terrifying and exciting! I am literally so happy to be back in Oxford, for a number of reasons and cannot wait to get back into the routine of studying.

The last time I updated you all was as second year came to an end and boy has a lot happened over the summer, well not even the summer the past four weeks have been crazy and probably not in a good way...

Basically at the beginning of September I was homeless, I had nowhere to live in Oxford. It all kind of happened on the 2nd September as I was on my way back from an amazing trip in Disneyland Paris and I got told by the girls I was meant to be moving in with in a few days time that our tenancy had been terminated. I was completely stressed, I was on a train in the middle of France and had no idea what to do. I rang my mum, nearly in tears mainly from the shock, and she was super calm and told me not to worry. On Saturday it was officially confirmed, I was back in England but I had work so couldn't really do anything either.

The girls who I was living with were already living in the house last year so had to go and move all their stuff out in a panic. We weren't given a reason behind the termination of our tenancy until probably Monday, it was really unclear. Luckily whilst the girls were in Oxford with their parents on the Saturday they went into a number of different estate agents and explained our predicament and managed to find a property, ready to let where the tenants had moved out that day. It seemed like things were finally looking up.

Monday rolled around after a very stressful weekend of the not knowing anything. I met up with the girls, Emily and Nav, to look at this house they found and just to confirm everything. The house was a mess, the previous tenants were three boys and they hadn't looked after the house at all but we could tell it could look really nice with a few fairy lights and some candles. We signed all the documentation we needed to, but the estate agents had to contact the landlady to ensure she was okay with us moving in. At this point this was our only option as semester was beginning in three weeks time.

On top of all this going on we were fighting with our previous estate agents to get all our money back. Not only had we paid a deposit, I had paid agency fees and a first months rent upfront as well. They had over £1,200 of my money, which I seriously could not afford to lose. We had contacted the university student union and once we explained the situation they told us that this had happened before with the same estate agents, who were at this point saying we wouldn't get our money back for at least two weeks. The student union said this was not acceptable, took all our details, took all the estate agents details and actually contacted the Oxford County Council. We got our money back the day after, which honestly was such a relief. We didn't receive everything though, we did lose our agency fees which I'm not happy about but I got the majority of my money back. I will name and shame the estate agents as I don't want this to happen to any other students in Oxford as we have had nothing but problems with them, they were Enfields based on Iffley Road.

It's been a very long drawn out process. It took about two weeks for the new estate agents to get confirmation from the landlord that we could have the house. In this time I had to drive to and from Oxford on a Saturday as I'd already transferred with Tesco to my job back to Oxford as I'd honestly believed I'd be in Oxford and I'd applied for my transfer before all this house drama. It was a very long day and was really upsetting as I actually had to work on the day all the new freshers were moving into the city and were coming into the store I work out to do their first shops and buy lots of alcohol ready for freshers. Something I would be missing. I was honestly so excited for freshers this year as it would have been my last ever freshers and I was planning on enjoying it as much as I possibly could, but because of all the house drama our move in date was basically at the end of freshers and days before semester begins.

We have now moved into our new student house. It's been very stressful and we are all so relieved to finally be back in Oxford because a few weeks ago we seriously didn't think we'd find somewhere to live. We are slowly but surely making our rooms and house really nice and cosy. It's currently Monday night and all my lectures start tomorrow (the day you are reading this!). I feel like tomorrow is going to be bittersweet, don't get me wrong I am looking forward to all my modules and learning again but it's my final year and I can't believe how quickly my time at university has gone.

Hopefully this year is going to be better than last year and I can't wait to share it all with you.

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