Disneyland Paris 2016 Trip Bucket List Revisited

I am now back from Disneyland Paris and after having an amazing week (it was actually five days but it's far easier to say a week!) and sadly having to come back and face reality (which was tough after having such a magical time) I thought I should see if I did manage to do everything on my DLP bucket list.

001 Buy some Minnie ears. Done and dusted. We bought these on the first night and I lived in mine, they are surprisingly comfortable to wear! Not going to lie but I have been wearing these around the house since I've been back.

002 Watch the fireworks at least two nights. Done. We managed this twice and saw it in two different locations which was a great location. Dreams (the firework show) was incredible and so well thought out I will watch the footage we filmed time and time again.

003 Meet as many characters as possible. We did this to an extent. The queues were so long though! I wanted to meet a Princess in the Princess Pavilion but the queue was 90 minutes and it didn't seem worth it. We did due to meet a few characters but we went to CafĂ© Mickey and met five characters which we hadn't met yet in the space of two hours which was so worth it! If the menu was more to our taste we would have gone there two or three of the nights of our stay to meet characters.

004 Ride Crushes Coaster. Unfortunately the queue for this was actually ridiculous and because we spent most of the time in the other park it wasn't feasible even when we went in the park first thing in the morning! I am determined to ride this on my next trip (which isn't yet booked but I will definitely be back!).

005 Ride Space Mountain. I dragged my sister on this on our first full day and she screamed the entire way round. She hated it. This also meant we couldn't ride Tower of Terror as I scarred her so much she wasn't doing anything slightly scary. Oops, I enjoyed it though, but it isn't something I would rush to ride again, once is enough for me!

006 Eat at Annette's. We managed to get into Annette's on our first night and it was probably the best meal we had. With our meal plan vouchers we got a starter, main and dessert and boy were we stuffed. It did not disappoint from my fond memories of eating there.

007 Get a Disney Hot Chocolate. Something else we didn't do but it was so warm! I lived in shorts all week and didn't need to put a cardigan on even in the evenings so having a hot chocolate was not on my mind! I did have a hot chocolate at breakfast in our hotel so does that count?

008 Take a photo in front of the Castle. We managed to do this most days so lots of photos were taken!

009 Buy a new mug. This was much harder than I thought, not buying the mug but choosing which one to get. I wanted one which was a Disney park exclusive to make it a little bit more special which is harder to find than you think! I picked up a Tinkerbell one which I love! We also managed to transfer three mugs home safe and sound which is what I'm most impressed with!

010 Get an Autograph Book. I was so disappointed with the Autograph book offerings at Disney we mainly saw Buzz Lightyear ones and didn't actually see a Princess one until our last day. The choice was awful! Both myself and my sister opted for a Disneyland Paris notebook which was actually cheaper and something we can use more as a scrapbook I also picked up a chunky pen with Disney characters all over as well.

All in all I think I did quite well. There were something things I couldn't/didn't do but that gives me a reason to go back to make sure I do them next time right?

I am gutted to be back but I'm trying to add a bit of Disney magic into my daily life to make the adjustment a little bit easier!

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