May Highlights

Despite not blogging a lot this month (you can read more about that here) I have still had a lot of highlights from the month!

Finishing Second Year // I finished my second year of university this month, the 12th May to be exact. It was a very stressful year but I am quite to see it be over, its gone way too quickly! To think I start my third and final year in September is beyond scary but I'm looking forward to a new adventure with new modules and living with new people!

Cinema Trip // If you read my April Highlights you'll know I went to the cinema with my friend Nav at the end of the month. As we got a voucher we thought we should go to the cinema again, especially as the cinema is normally so expensive! We decided to go and see Bad Neighbours 2. I saw the first one in the cinema, and was slightly worried that the second one wouldn't be as funny as the first but it was! I love the twists and how different it was from the first, which I thought was going to be quite difficult. We were both laughing throughout!

Day Trip to London // I love London, and wish I could go more often. On the Tuesday after we finished our exams myself and Sophie (my current flatmate) decided to go for the day. We got the Oxford Tube (basically a really regular coach service that takes you to and from London and is super cheap! £10 for a day return!) at 9am and got back just before 10pm. It was such a nice day, we didn't really have any plans so just wondered the city, going to Carnaby Street, Oxford Circus, Marble Arch, Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Westfield Shopping Centre. To say my feet were aching at the end of the day is an understatement (according to my iPhone I did over 28,000 steps that day!). I spent a lot of money, bought some nice things and ate lots of good food. I love random trips like this and am planning a lot of trips to London in the Summer as well!

Moved Back Home for the Summer // I moved out of my university accommodation on the 23rd May and to be honest I have been loving being at home! I just have so much more independence and I just love being in the comfort of my own bedroom. My room this year at university just didn't feel like 'home' like it did in first year, so I'm glad to be home. Also I've made it known that I've had a lot of problems with my living arrangements this year so I'm glad for it be other but it is the end of an era as I had lived with the girls for two years and one of them I can't imagine not living with next year, its going to be a change thats for sure! But I'm so glad to be home as I have a lot of things planned over the summer!

I'm looking forward to seeing what the next couple of months will bring and the plans with friends I'll get to make and of course sharing all of my highlights with you lot!

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