Revision Tips and Tricks #1

As its coming up to exam season and I'm now back at university for the final six weeks of second year I thought I'd share some of my revision techniques. This is going to be two posts as I don't want it to be too long. I think I've got my revision technique/routine down to a 'T' seeing as I've used the same techniques throughout my GCSEs, A-Levels and now university. Today will focus on setting yourself up for getting ready for revision and things to think about.


fail to prepare, prepare to fail

For all my exams I've ever had I've always drawn up a revision timetable. People do these in different ways, I personally like to write the module/subject I want to revise as well as the specific topic I want to revise. I do this to narrow down m revision and so I know exactly what I'm meant to do when. I personally don't write down a set time to revise as I know this doesn't work for me and it stresses me out if I don't get it done in that exact time, I narrow it down to doing it in the morning or evening but this isn't rigid. As with anything though it's trying to work out what works best for you!


This one mainly applies for A-Levels and University, but make sure your notes are all up together! I'm going to do another post on university organisation in the summer so I won't go on about it too much here, but just make sure you don't have gaps in your notes when compared to your syllabus and if you do make sure you fill the gaps before you start to revise as you could be missing some vital information! An easy way to keep your notes together is using folders (my personal preference) so that when it comes to sit down and revise you exactly where everything is and it makes the whole process less stressful as you aren't running around trying to locate your notes for each subject.


Make sure you have a good place to revise and know what works for you. Do you like sitting in complete silence? Do you like background noise? Do you like to listen to music when revising? Does it have to be tidy? Etc. For me, it varies on what topic, but I have to revision a clean surround as less clutter means less distraction! I don't personally like listening to music that much when i revise, I do sometimes when I'm drawing up mind maps but when it comes to revising and memorising notes I have to do it in silence. I often don't go and work in the library as it's really busy, it's loud, it's distracting (all the things I hate when revising!) and I like being able to grab things when I need them rather than taking a massive bag with me to the library which inevitably I always forget something. I know from experience I work best in my room, at my desk. I know when my flatmates are out so when it will be quiet and when I can really get my head down and do some work without any distractions.


I briefly touched on this above but I get distracted really easily. When I revise I need everything off, my laptop, my phone, everything. I either turn my phone off or put it on airplane/do not disturb mode so notifications will pop up on the screen and distract me. I turn my laptop off and put it away, unless I need it for revision or doing work on of course! Sometimes if I really need to get work done I'll give my phone to my flatmate who will keep it from whilst I work or even go and put it in the kitchen cupboard (weird but it honestly works!).

I find at university your flatmates/housemates can be your biggest distraction. You'll find you all have different ways of working and different working times. If you can hear them from your room talking in the kitchen or lounge and you can get serious FOMO. The best thing, from my experience, is that remove yourself from the situation. If they are particularly loud ask them to be a bit quieter, blast some music in your headphones so much so you can't physically hear anything else, or buying some ear plugs if you prefer working in silence. 

As above, people are a massive distraction. Some people really like working with other people when revising as they find it helps. I know that I can't do this and I don't get nearly as much work done when I'm with others compared to working alone. It may seem unsociable but I lock myself in my room and get my head down to do work and it works well for me.

A few tips which I will help you with revision. As I mentioned its completely down to doing what works best for you and that can take a while to know, so experiment with where and how you revise as you may be surprised!

My next post will be up this time next week and will be more in relation to the ways I personally revise and how I think you can get the most out of those methods!

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