20 Thoughts I Had When I Turned 20

I recently turned 20 (4th April to be exact). I was gutted in all honesty. I wasn't as bad as one of my friends who literally had a meltdown the night before her 20th but I wasn't jumping in the air celebrating my new age. As a fun little post I thought I'd share 20 thoughts I had about turning the big 2 0.

1) oh my god I am no longer a teenager...

2) I am finally an adult!

3) wait a minute, I'm actually an adult now

4) shit.

5) now I have to do adult things ahhhh!

6) what am I doing with my life?!

7) let me just eat my problems in the form of cake and ice cream

8) wait a minute, I'm an adult and have to actually look after my body

9) ugh, I'm old!

10) shouldn't I have my shit together by now?

11) my love life is a shambles

12) I'm going to be forever alone

13) getting older sucks

13) maybe I should do adult things now

14) like drinking a bottle of wine to drown my sorrows

15) or a bottle of vodka

16) tequila sounds even better right about now

17) I just want my mum

18) can I be twenteen?

19) I don't want to grow up

20) I'm too young to adult!

I always love reading these sort of posts so thought turning 20 was the perfect time to try this type of post out!

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