One Beauty Product You Should Invest In

A lot of my make up is from the high street. One because it is affordable and two I don't feel as bad buying lots of it when it's so affordable! However, as with most people there is one or two products I feel you need to spend money on when it comes to make up. 


I believe highlighters are one of the few make up products you really need to invest in. Trust me I've tried some from the high street and they just make my face look I've literally just dunked it a bowl of glitter. A look I most definitely do not want. I've found, over the past couple of months, buying more expensive highlighters makes such a difference to my make up. Before I would only wear highlighter on nights out, when it is slightly acceptable to have a disco ball for a face, but now after investing in some more high end highlighters I wear it basically everyday.

I now own 4, yes 4, (I think I might have a slight problem and this isn't even counting the high street brands I own!) 'high end' highlighters and thought I'd share them today. They all vary in price from under £20 to just over £30 and the shades I own are all so different from one another (this is what I tell myself so I can justify having all four). I'm going to go through them, cheapest to more expensive. (and this also happens to be in the order that I got them)

theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer £17.50
This was my first 'high end' highlighter. I wouldn't necessarily class this as high end but it's too expensive in my opinion to be a 'high street' product. This I predominantly use for nights out as it is on the 'disco ball' side but you can easily use this in the daytime for a more out there glow or if you have a really light hand. For the price it is such good quality. As you can see mine's had better days as it is so finely milled it smashes easily and the packaging isn't the most sturdy! Still this gives a beautiful sheen and glow to the skin. It does come across as OTD hence why it's my highlighter of choice for nights out!

NARS Highlighting Blush in Albatross £23.00
I bought this on a complete whim in a blog sale, so it actually only cost me £11 but it's still a high end brand. I had heard a lot about this highlighter before I bought it (even though I don't hear hardly anything about it nowadays!). It looks quite scary in the pan as it basically looks white and doesn't look like it would work well with pale skin but this actually is amazing. It is quite sheen, which makes it perfect for daytime looks but can easily be built up to look quite full on. I've actually done a whole post on this highlighter, which you can read here, so I won't ramble on too much about it here. All I can say it gives a beautiful, subtle golden glow to the skin and goes with just about any make up look!

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop £32.00
One of the most expensive highlighters I own, I didn't pay full price as I found a discount code but still expensive! I've also done a whole post on this, which you can read here, so won't go on about it too much here. The product itself is beautiful and when I first got it this was the only highlighter I used for about a month. It is just so swoon worthy. It applies like a dream and leaves such a soft glow to the skin. I love how finely milled it is and doesn't look at all glittery on the skin! I love wearing this with more bronzy looks as it just ties everything together.

Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold £32.00
My most recent highlighter and my first ever Charlotte Tilbury product. I actually got given this as a birthday present from my parents and it was something I actually had never heard of. I'm going to do a whole post on this as well (can you tell I like talking about highlighters!?) so don't want to give too much away. This is something I probably wouldn't have picked up for myself, mainly as I haven't heard that many people talk about it but I am in love with this. I am wearing it today and it looks so beautiful and does not come off as too much at all. I think it takes a lot to build it up, which I personally like, but in doing so it gives such a natural sheen to the skin. It looks quite scary in pan as it is literally just gold but it does not come out like that on the skin. Again I like wearing this bronzy looks but with darker eyes as I find it adds to the look instead of distracting from the main focus (if that makes any sense). The one thing I really dislike about this is the packaging, seeing as this wasn't cheap the packaging is really naff but the product itself is just beautiful.

Something I really think you ought to invest in. I find certain products you can definitely get away with buying cheaper alternatives and can still get the same, if not better quality however, I find on the high street there are no amazing highlighters that don't make you look like you've dipped your face in glitter! I do think the more you spend, the better product you get in terms of highlighters. Despite being so expensive you only use a little bit of product each time so they should last you a good while! But like I've shown you do not have to break the bank to get a beautiful, healthy glow! 

What is one beauty product you think you need to invest in?

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