Disneyland Paris 2016

So...I'm off to Disneyland at the end of August! My sister and I have been talking about going for months and months and we finally bit the bullet and booked it! I am going to do a number of posts about it between now and us going and of course afterwards but they're going to be spaced out so its not too Disney crazy (but would that really be a bad thing!?).

This will be my first ever holiday without my parents, which is nerve racking but exciting at the same time! I am actually going with my sister, Megan, and as she turns 18 at the end of July it will be a belated birthday celebration! Basically I've had control of this holiday in terms of booking it and probably planning when it gets closer to the time. Today I thought I'd share our booking journey.

We were originally going to book with Disneyland Paris directly but the only thing that really put us off was that you had to pay the whole holiday upfront, don't get me wrong we both have the money to do that but for security reasons we would rather not. So we set out trusty mother to roam around for us and find us a good deal and she came across this company called Travel Magical, I was a bit sceptical as I had never heard of them but after a quick google search they seemed like they were the real deal. After a couple phone calls we managed to bag ourself a better deal for a cheaper price! Which was definitely a bonus, don't get me wrong going to Disney isn't cheap but its somewhere both myself and Megan will definitely enjoy and remember and its something we wanted to spend our money on.

So when exactly are we going? We are going for 4 nights and 5 days at the end of August, which is perfect as it will be just before I come back to university and my sister starts a new year of college. We are going via the eurostar which we've never done before. We have been to Disneyland Paris before but when we were both under 10 so it will be nice to experience it again being much older. We haven't got direct trains to Disney but we've saved money by going indirect and it doesn't bother us that much.

Where are we staying? We were originally looking at staying at the Hotel Santa Fe with a Standard Half Board meal plan but managed to get a much better price for the Sequoia Lodge (the hotel we stayed at the first time we went to Disneyland!) with a Standard Plus Half Board Meal Plan. The meal plan works out better because it means we don't have to book Character Dining separately as Cafe Mickey (one of the three restaurants which offer character dining) is included in our meal plan and also it means we can have access to both buffet restaurants as well as a number of 'sit down' meals. We can't book reservations for restaurants until 60 days before but I will definitely do another post about our experience doing that!

So a little overview of our upcoming Disneyland Paris trip! I am unbelievably excited, I'm such a big kid and love Disney and have wanted to go back to Disneyland for years! Now onto binge watching Disneyland Paris vlogs and hauls!

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