Slimming World Update #7

Another month, another update post...

Wednesday 2nd March // Really didn't know what to expect this week but over the moon with a 1 lb loss! It was well deserved and I did celebrate by going out with my flatmate, Sophie, for Pizza!

Monday 7th March // Weighed in on Monday as I unexpectedly went home for a couple of days and realised there was no way I was going to be able to weigh on Wednesday. Luckily weighing in only after 5 days didn't hinder my weight loss journey as I lost 0.5 lb. Now I have ten days before my next weigh in, which could honestly go either way!

Wednesday 16th March // A difficult ten days to say the least. I was doing well until Wednesday when I had a mentoring thing and we got free dinner which consisted of pizza and chips. I only had a couple of slices and a handful of chips simply as I was so hungry and plus it would've seemed weird for me to not eat. It didn't taste all that great and I felt gross for days after. I maintained which I was annoyed about as I had been so good but nothing I could do about it.

Wednesday 23rd March // A difficult week, I don't know why I started off really well but struggled to keep myself motivated towards the end. Luckily mu will power was strong as I lost 1 lb and it also meant that I got back to achieving my Stone and a Half Award which I am over the moon about and I'm only half a pound away from my lowest weight! It's taken me a while to lose that massive gain but slowly and surely I'm getting there!

In my March Goals post I mentioned that I wanted to lose something every week and unfortunately I haven't done that. Luckily, though, I haven't gained this month! I've also made these posts slightly shorter as they were getting really rambly, let me know if you prefer this way or the more rambly posts!

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