Review: Kleenex Eye Make-Up Remover Wipes

If you don't know already Kleenex have recently released a new range called Kleenex Facial Cleansing which currently includes four products. These four products are available in supermarkets and I know that they are currently on an introductory offer in Tesco until I think it's the end of the week? Don't hold me on that though. I haven't and won't be buying all four products because they aren't something that would interest me, but I have however bought the products which I think I could use on a daily basis.

So, today I am reviewing the Kleenex Eye Make-Up Remover Wipes.
What Kleenex says:
"Gently and effectively removes eye make-up including waterproof mascara."

Does it live up to it's claims?
In my opinion, yes. Using these wipes doesn't irritate my eyes. I normallly use baby wipes on my eyes as they don't irritate my eyes but these do exactly the same thing. They are scented but not overly scented. They do remove all of my eye make-up, at first when I saw the size of one wipe I thought I was going to need two but one was perfect for me. However, do take into account I don't normally wear eye liner so that might have an impact. I did try these whilst wearing waterproof mascara and they did remove it all, which impressed me.

I really like the packaging of these as it is quite small so can fit into my bag if I have the odd moment when I'm out as my eyes have recently been prone to watering a lot. The pink eye mask (which features on all their products in different colours) I think suits this product the best because it is an 'eye' make-up remover product.

Are they worth the money?
As I said they have been on offer in Tesco as well as Superdrug at an introductory offer. But they are normally £2.99 which I don't think is that bad, you get 24 wipes and if I only use one at a time it will last for nearly a month. So, I think they are.

Would I buy it again?
Yes! They aren't overly expensive and if they work, don't break me out or irritate my eyes then it's a winner product!

As I have already said, Tesco are selling these products as well as Superdrug but Boots have yet to stock this.
Superdrug, currently £1.99, here

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