Slimming World Update #3

Another month, another Slimming World Update I can't believe this is my third update post it feels like only yesterday I was writing my So...I Joined Slimming World post. Boy, how time flies! Before you know it will be Christmas and then the New Year!

26th October 2015
I went home this week and decided to weigh in on the Monday despite having only weighed in five days before. Amazingly I managed to lose 3lbs! I was so relieved as it makes up for having maintained twice since I gained after freshers. Also it meant that I got my Club 10 Award, which if you didn't know is something you receive once you've lost 10% of your original weight, which feels amazing and I am now fitting into so many of my old clothes which I never thought I'd be able to wear! Plus Size 12 clothes are too big for me now so a shopping trip is definitely in order!

4th November 2015
A bit of a gap between my weigh in prior to the 4th. 10 days to be exact, some may say that's a great bonus but for me having three more extra days before getting weighed is so hard, you think oh I can be 'naughty' for one day because I still have so many days before weigh in. A week it is much harder to be 'naughty' and get away with it when it comes to weigh in day because the scales most definitely do not lie. I managed to gain half a pound, which is annoying as I had been so good throughout the week apart from going out for dinner but I did opt for a healthy meal of ham and egg and some sneaky chips were eaten as well. But onwards and upwards.

11th November 2015
I had a bit of a blip week, assignment deadlines have been looming and like many people I felt the need to comfort eat and demolished a pack of marshmallows in half an hour. I did try and make up for it by being good for the rest of the week which did and didn't work as I managed to maintain, which is better than a gain but I just need to kick my butt into gear and get out of this funk and lose some weight. I am actually really looking forward to Christmas simply because I will be at home and will refocus myself in terms of weight loss and maybe lose what I should've lost since being at university.

18th November 2015
After last week I was determined to do well. I don't like maintaining and gaining and now assessments are looming there is a struggle not to just stuff my face with bad food, I just keep reminding myself how far I've been and how much I just want to get my stone and half award! However, despite all my best efforts I put on half a pound. I'm really struggling at the moment and no matter how much speed food (vegetables and fruit) I eat nothing seems to be working. But I'm drawing a line under the week and determined to lose the 1lb I've put on in three weeks. The key is not to give up and I'm determined to keep going.

26th November 2015
I had tried to be so goof this week. The only blip I've really had is when I had work as one of my team leaders was leaving and so we had cake but apart from that I've been trying to be really good whilst still giving myself the odd treat within reason.I've been really ill this week and work has been stressful but was still surprised to see that I had gained 2lb.

At the moment I'm just going with the flow and hoping that I get back into losing some serious weight next month before Christmas.
Have you got any tips for me?

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