Christmas Gift Guide: £10 and Under

 Welcome to the first instalment of my Christmas Gift Guides, I'm really excited to share these with you and todays is the £10 and under edition, great for stocking fillers or small additions to another present.

Gifts for Her
1 Christmas Colouring Book
£7.98 on Amazon
Colouring books are so big right now and I am guilty of owning one myself. The Christmas one is so nice and full of so many festive pictures to colour in. Perfect as a stocking filler for someone of any age or as part of larger gift. I can just imagine loads of people sat on their sofas after they've stuffed their faces with lots of good food and colouring in their little christmas colouring books.

2 2016 Diary
£8.00 on Paperchase
One for all those who love being organised, I have an academic diary but I know a lot of my family always buy new diaries for the new year and it makes a perfect gift, plus you can add all the important dates prior to giving it to them including your birthday of course! This p[articular one is available in quite a few different colours too!

3  Pot of Dreams
£9.99 on eBay 
I got one of these for a birthday and have gifted them quite a bit too. They are so good and especially ideal for the people you know have something to save for. There are so many different styles available you are sure to find one to suit the recipient really well. Plus they look cuter than a lot of other normal money pots.

4 Pug Notebook
£8.50 on John Lewis
Everyone and everywhere seems to be going Pug crazy! Who can blame them though they are just darn adorable! I am someone who can never have too many notebooks and I know a lot of girls are definitely the same. This one is just so cute and would be great for someone who likes to make lists or just loves Pugs!

5 Boozy Shakes
£9.99 on Amazon
So who doesn't like milkshakes especially when they are made more adult. This is perfect for those who love having girly nights in. I definitely have my eye on this and plus you can get drunk without feeling like you are drinking alcohol!

Gifts for Him
6 Pirate Bottle Opener
£10.00 on Debenhams
I don't know why but most of the guys I know just don't own bottle openers and I don't know how they have managed to get away with not owning one. This one is cool looking, I know you can pick them up really cheaply but it just makes a gift a bit more luxury if not a bit more like a novelty gift.

7 "Somebody Call The Nurse" Bell
This I've picked with my dad in mind. Whenever he gets ill it's as if its the end of the world, he refuses to get out of bed and writes a 'will' basically where he leaves everything worth anything to the dogs. He gets everyone doing everything for him and uses it as an excuse and I don't know why but we all just go with it. I can imagine him finding this hilarious and would actually use it and I can imagine a lot of people would be the same. 

8 Festive Christmas Party Selfie Photo Props Set
£5.75 on Amazon
This is a very novelty gift idea but on Christmas day I can imagine you'd get a lot of hilarious photos out of it which would be a gift in itself especially if you have a very big family. Just imagine your Grandma with a big red nose and your Grandad as a carrot for a nose. This would be great for those who love taking selfies as well just a way to make everything very festive!

9 Best Ever Photography Tips
£4.99 on Amazon
Something for the avid photographer or photographer novice. These look really helpful and would even probably be good for bloggers as well! These are so cheap and are something you can keep and just keep coming back to. It shows you've really thought about someone and their hobbies when you gift something like this.

10 The Little Book of Foreign Swear Words
£5.99 on ASOS
For the inner child in everyone. I don't know a guy who wouldn't love this and to be able to just randomly swear at people in random languages and they wouldn't even know what you are saying. Christmas Day could get a bit awkward if they just start yelling things across the dinner table though.

I hope you enjoyed this first instalment of my 2015 Christmas Gift Guides. The next one is going to be the £20 and Under Edition which has some real gems in it! Keep an eye out for that and I hope this gave you some gift ideas for the ones you love this year.

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