What I'm Watching #1

During my 'down' time I often find myself reaching for my laptop to watch a TV show on Netflix rather than pick up a book to read (I wish this was different but in reality it isn't) and I go through TV shows quite quickly. I thought it was time I shared what I'm watching with you and maybe give some recommendations to any fellow Netflix lovers.

I'd heard of this ages ago but never thought it would appeal to me (no idea why, I love all things supernatural!) and on a whim one night when I had no clue what to watch. I am already obsessed and have got through three seasons already. Its completely different to all the other shows I am currently watching but I love that about it. Its as the name suggests all about supernatural things and the two main characters, Sam and Dean (who are gorgeous by the way) hunt these supernatural monsters varying from the typical ghost to shapeshifters to vampires. Its completely original and like nothing I've ever watched before and I'm hooked. Its an ongoing TV show and there are I think eleven series out already so one to keep you busy. I'm looking forward to where the storyline goes over the next series and can see myself being obsessed with this for quite a while.

I have been watching this for a while but I have only been able to get my Harvey Spector fix again recently as the new series is currently out in the US and oh how I have missed this show. As a law student I love all TV shows centred around lawyers and this was often the talk of my law group during our breaks between our lectures and seminars. This series is so witty and great. I can't really mention anything without giving things away but the relationships between the characters and the storylines are so gripping. I'm so glad a new series has started and I can once again get my Harvey Spector fix!

Again a TV show I watched a while back but only up until the end of season 3 (as that was all that was available on Netflix at the time) and whilst I was aimlessly scrolling through Netflix the other week I realised the fourth season was added! Scandal is again a law and political based show (more political then legal) and centres around the character Olivia Pope and her 'law' firm who represent all types of weird and wonderful people and politics is also strongly involved as the whole show is based in Washington DC. I can never guess what is going to happen and always keeps me guessing (something I for one love in a TV show). Also I love Grey's Anatomy and the writer, Shonda Rhimes, also wrote this, its something completely different to Grey's but it is amazing nonetheless! Something for those who again love legal and political dramas with great characters and amazing storylines.

I can ramble on and on about TV shows for hours but I'll save my other ramblings for another post. I love these posts as I'm always on the look out for new TV shows to watch and especially on Netflix as it usually means I can binge watch a TV show (bad but its a guilty pleasure of mine to do). Do you watch any of these TV shows, if you do what do you think? What are you currently watching as well as like I said I love to find new TV show gems!

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