Freshers Survival Kit

Summer is coming to an end and with that comes the beginning of another academic year. As I'm heading back to university in a couple of weeks I thought it was only right for me to share what things got me through Freshers last year to help those planning on going to university!

#1 Paracetamol and Ibuprofen an essential for the morning after the night before, you'll thank me later!

#2 First Aid Kit you only need the basics but accidents do happen, I was the only one in my flat who had a mini kit like this and trust me we used it a lot. Just make sure you have some plasters and maybe a tube of savlon and don't go all out you can do this on a tight budget!

#3 Cold and Flu Medicine it will be inevitable, you will get bugged down by freshers flu by the end of freshers week just have a couple of sachets of lemsip on hand! (if you can try and have a flu jab before you go to uni!)

#4 A pack of cards you'll find you'll have the best bonding moments with your flatmates over drinking games most of which revolve around a pack of cards!

#5 Alcohol! of course this isn't an essential for all but one of the things I failed on taking last year was a lot of alcohol. Try and take as much with you (drink safely kids!) as alcohol is expensive and you will go through it quickly!

#6 Emergency Funds I had a little box in my room with an emergency £20 for emergency times when your bank looks slightly empty

#7 Spare Change unfortunately you are a student now and you have to do all your washing yourself and using the on site laundrette is expensive! Our machines only took £1 coins so I had a tub full of £1 coins but some take 50ps and 20ps at other universities and its worth stocking up on change as much as possible (maybe 'borrow' some from your parents if you can, they won't notice!), you don't want to not be able to do your washing just because you don't have the change to do it.

#8 Netflix You are a student now and we are well known for spending hours (or days) in bed just watching TV aimlessly and Netflix will become your new best friend and you will get through so many TV shows on those hungover mornings.

#9 Dry Shampoo if you were like me, during freshers week I had introductory lectures all week and 9am starts after being out the night before was painful but dry shampoo was a life saver and meant I could have a bit longer in bed (you get lazier as a student as well if I hadn't mentioned it)

#10 Condoms *awkward conversation alert* I'll keep this short and sweet. Freshers is the breeding ground for all sorts of things, so just be safe, don't get pregnant. Got it? Good. Awkward conversation over.

I hope this has helped those of you who are going to university this year. I have got a freshers week survival tips post coming up in the next week or so, so make sure to look out for that!

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