Seventeen Eye Shadow

 After having a mini YouTube session (which happens more often than not) and binge watching FleurDeForce's most recent videos I noticed her mentioning the Seventeen Eye Eye Shadow in Rose Quartz numerous times and decided I needed to pick it up. Then as always there was an offer on so I had to pick up another one and decided I ought to share my opinion on this recent finding.

Seventeen Eye Eye Eyeshadow: L-R - Statuesque and Rose Quartz  

I am always sceptical of buying eyeshadows from the drugstore due to bad experiences I've had previously. However, after hearing FleurDeForce go on about these recently I decided to try these. The quality is amazing for the mere price of £3.89 each. The formula feels like butter to the touch, so so soft but yet last just as well as my trusted Urban Decay eyeshadows with a good primer. The pigmentation is equally just as great, the colours have good pay off, easy to blend and make such an easy foolproof eye look.

Statuesque is  a shimmery champagne-y brown colour skin adding a beautiful colour to the lids, perfect for everyday wear. I love this and I quickly reach for this out of my many eyeshadows for when I want a nice subtle shimmer on the lids for the day.

Rose Quartz is the colour I intended to pick up. It is a purple-y brown shimmer shade which is perfect for packing on the lid and blending out or can be used in the crease to really deepen an eye. This is great for the easiness of being able to create an amazing eye look with just one eyeshadow, add a bit of black eyeliner, some mascara and you're good to go.

Overall, these eyeshadows are amazing quality for such a bargain price. I'm probably going to be investing in some more colours in the very near future. 

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