Off To Uni : Getting Ready to Go

After receiving your results its time to start getting excited about going to University and starting the next chapter in your life. Obviously you need to start getting prepared to move out including buying some essentials for your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom and of course your stationery necessities. Today is going to be kind of a helping hand in finding your way and getting ready to go to University. 

The obvious thing to do when getting ready to university is to start buying everything you need. It is easy to go overboard (trust me I know) and its a good idea to devise a check list of stuff you need/want. I personally looked online for a university checklist to use as a basis. I found that The Student Room's checklist was one of the best I found and after a few alterations it was perfect. I would say start early when buying this stuff. I started buying all of my stuff in dribs and drabs back in February which I think is a good thing to do. The only reason I did this was because I was sure I was definitely going to university this year, I didn't want to take a gap year and if all else failed I would've gone through clearing. I didn't go out and buy literally everything I needed all in one go. I mainly brought things that didn't take up a lot of room so they would be easy to store. I do know people who didn't buy anything for university until after getting their results, which is fine. But for me personally I only have like 3 weeks left at home and if I had to buy everything which I've brought over the past few months in a few weeks I would have a mini meltdown! Buying in advance also means that despite it costing me quite a lot it was spread out over a period of time so it didn't appear like I was buying an awful lot. Also it meant that I could actually choose what I wanted design wise and get something I like because I had a lot of time to be able to buy everything than probably settling for what was there at the time. 

If you are looking for great stuff to buy as a student I would definitely recommend going to check out Asda, Ikea, Homesense, Home Bargains, Wilkinson and B&M. The majority of my stuff was brought from Asda but some also from Tesco. Tesco can be quite a bit more expensive but as I work there I get 10% discount alongside being able to use Tesco Clubcard Vouchers so technically I didn't pay for a lot of it. I personally wouldn't get super expensive stuff for your first year as from what I've read and heard from friends and family is that you lose most of it, it gets broken, etc and if you've brought super expensive stuff you won't be happy to find out you've lost it or its somehow gotten broken. 

Next weeks Off To Uni post will be more about getting ready to go closer to the time of leaving and how to prepare to say goodbye and making sure you feel ready to go and leave your family home.

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