Top Thursday Reads! #2

Fated by Sarah Alderson

This weeks book is Fated. This is probably a book not many people have heard of. Actually I only got this because it was the cheapest book in my Amazon wishlist at the time! I actually wanted Hunting Lila by the same author but I am glad I got this one.

I didn't initially think I would enjoy this book even though it is the type of genre and story line I normally like but I did quite enjoy it. It's a book for those who are into romance and action books, the kind of the 'forbidden love' genre.

It's about this girl, Evie Tremain, who thinks she's just an average seventeen year old. But in actual fact she's this 'demon slayer' who is forced to find out that she is part of this ongoing war between Hunters and Unhumans. She has no choice in the matter and it was her 'fate' to be in this war since the day she was born. 

It is also about this boy, Lucas Grey, a half-shadow warrior and half human. He is part of the Brotherhood, which is the 'unhumans'. He has a task to kill the last purebred hunter before she fulfills a prophecy. This hunter is Evie.

I really liked this book, like lasts week book One Day, it is told from kind of both Lucas' and Evie's perspective. Like I have already said it's a love story but also a story of how people find themselves. And I think it showed how each of us can be fated for something, like Evie and that in actual fact can we fight our fate?

I think this book is for anyone who loves a good romance book, I think it's aimed towards the more teenager/young adult audience. Anyone who has read Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini, I think would enjoy this book.

Have you read this book? What did you think of it?
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