Long Time No See...

Well I haven't written a blog post in ages! I really must apologise for that...

Where do I start?

Last week

I had my Sixth Form Induction Day on Monday and Tuesday (2nd and 3rd of July) so I was pooped by the end of those days and have now decided what I want to do after Sixth Form and all the subjects I want to do
. If you want to hear more about that comment below. Then on the Wednesday I went to Alton Towers as a "getting to know your classmates" trip which was pointless as we all know each other anyway! And I managed to get blisters all over my feet!

On the Thursday I managed to die my hair, get my nails done by mother, go up town for some last minute bits for my Prom and go to the dentist. All exciting things....just kidding!

Friday morning I relaxed a bit and just had a mini pampering session for myself. However, in the afternoon I got my hair done by my hairdresser for my prom, did my own make up and put my dress on. Also had to put killer shoes on and since my blisters hadn't disappeared had my feet covered in plasters too...attractive.  I won't tell you too much about prom as I am planning a blog post or maybe a couple about Prom with some pictures as well. 

I think that's enough excuses!

But even though I have been gone for a while I have been able to think of many blog posts to come back with.

What's Coming Up?

  • More posts in the Summer Series
  • June Favourites
  • Haul
  • Empties #2
  • Prom Posts
I really am sorry and should be blogging more regular now as I literally have nothing else on! You'll probably get fed up of me!

Any more blog post ideas for me to make it up to you lot?

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