Disneyland Paris 2016 Trip Bucket List

I go to Disneyland Paris in 4 days, 4 days people! I am so excited! We have all our euros, tickets, insurance and we are nearly completely packed but I cannot wait! I thought I'd share some of my aims (I don't really know what to call them) for this Disney trip. As I don't know when I'll next be able to go to Disney there are a lot of things I want to do especially as I haven't been to DLP for well over ten years!

001 Buy some Minnie ears. I've never owner a pair of Minnie Mouse ears, I know I can't believe it either and I am definitely going to be buying a pair on our first day!

002 Watch the fireworks at least two nights. we are going for four nights, five days and I know on our first night we might be too tired to catch the fireworks but I definitely want to try and watch them on two nights, maybe three!

003 Meet as many characters as possible. One thing I remember from my childhood is the great character meets we got to experience and I definitely want to continue this especially as there are characters which we would have never been able to meet before.

004 Ride Crushes Coaster. I wouldn't say I'm a massive theme park ride lover but at Disney there are rides to suit everyone and this new ride sounds amazing and I cannot wait to be able to ride it.

005 Ride Space Mountain. I know I've just said I'm not a massive ride lover but there are some rides I just want to be able to say I've done as I never could do them when I was younger and Space Mountain is included in that. I also want to ride Tower of Terror but that's if I can convince my sister to come on it with me.

006 Eat at Annette's. I have great memories of a child eating in Annette's Diner in the Disney Village where the waitresses were wearing roller skates and the music was playing and the food was also really nice. My sister and myself are going to try and eat here on our first night and hopefully it will be as good as we remember.

007 Get a Disney Hot Chocolate. I know we are going at the end of August but we remember the hot chocolates at Disney being really nice and of course while we are there it would be rude not to. We are hoping one night it might be quite chilly so we can justify treating ourselves to a hot chocolate.

008 Take a photo in front of the Castle. Is it really a trip to Disney if I don't get a photo in front of the castle?

009 Buy a new mug. I am a mug collector, I have so many and most of them have quite sentimental memories behind them. Of course I want to get a mug to remind myself of my trip plus I need a new Disney mug so its a win, win.

010 Get an Autograph Book. This might seem quite childish but as I haven't been to a Disney park in years I want to get an autograph book. I actually found one of my first ones the other day and it's so nice to look back. This is something I will also be buying on our first day.

So a few of my goals for my upcoming Disneyland Paris trip. I can't believe it's literally around the corner now!

What things are on your Disney parks bucket list?

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