Beauty Products I've Repurchased

Beauty hauls are quite a frequent thing on my blog, but there are times when I need go shopping and just pick up some beloved beauty products (why is it that they all seem to run out at the same time!?) and rarely share them with you. Well today that's going to change and I'm going to show an insight into a handful of beauty products I repurchase time and time again.

No7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation // When No7 first bought out the colour matching tool I knew I wanted to try it. Being completely colour matched to a high street brand, sign me up! Ever since then I've dabbled in and out of using their foundations. I've tried three different ones but the one that I've repurchased the most is this one. Its a great just chuck on your face and look amazing foundation, as it matches my skin tone I don't have to worry about blending it too much or what it looks like if I apply in the dark its just my if all else fails go to foundation. It's a light to medium coverage, applies easily and blends seamlessly and lasts pretty well throughout the day when using a good primer and powder. I can see myself using this for months, maybe years to come too!

Max Factor False Lash Effect // I don't know when I first tried this but I have definitely been using it on and off for probably three or four years. The mascara is amazing but my favourite has to be the waterproof one as it literally does not budge and makes my eyelashes look amazing. Over the years I have tried lots of different mascaras, from both the high street and high end, but I think it must say something when I always gravitate back towards this. I always have one as a back up in my make up bag which I always use as nothing I've tried has ever come as close as this!

Cotton Pads // A bit of an obvious one but I go through a lot of cotton pads and are forever rebutting them! My favourite are the Boots Oval Cotton Pads, which can be expensive but they are nearly always on offer at buy one get the second half price. Plus I've tried other ones and they just aren't as soft so they irritate my eyes and skin so I don't mind paying the little bit more!

Blistez Moisturiser // I believe I have mentioned this on my blog in the past but this moisturiser is my life saver. It's not great for on the go as it applies white and can take a while to sink in but using this before bed and whilst doing my make up makes my lips so so soft. I would never not have this in my life, they've recently bought out a cherry flavoured one too which I'm intrigued to start!

L'Oreal Eyeliner // I first heard about this from one of Lucy and Lydia's videos as Lucy said she swears by it! I think I probably start using it a little over a year ago and it's now the only eyeliner I use. This is relatively cheap and is great for novices, but can give a really thin lined look or thick cat eye look and my winged liner has upped its game since this became part of my life!

Garnier Eye Make Up Remover // I can't remember where I first heard about it but I've been using this for it must be over two years. It's cheap, readily available and is amazing! As I use waterproof mascara on a pretty much daily basis I like to use a really gently make up remover on my eyes and with this being a oil and water combination works a dream. I have tried other water and oil combinations from other brands but they are just nowhere near as good! This is going to be a firm repurchase for years to come.

Garnier Micellar Water // Ever since Micellar Waters came out in the UK I have tried quite a few but once I tried the Garnier one I have not looked back. Again I think I've used this well over a year and a half. It's quick, easy and relatively cheap when offer (which is when I usually stock up). This is great to use before doing a full cleanse to get rid the bulk of my make up. Until something better comes along (if something ever does) this is a firm staple in my make up removal routine.

A different post from me, I thought it would be an insight into seeing some of the products that I use on a daily basis and always find a need to repurchase.
What are your most common beauty repurchases?

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