2016 Blogging Goals

Welcome to the first of many posts of 2016! I can't believe its 2016 already but I'm excited to see what it brings for both myself and Beauty and Me. I've already done my life/personal goals for 2016 (which you can read here) and thought that this year I should do a blogging related one too as I have a lot of plans and things I want to achieve through my little aspect of the internet.

Blog At Least Three Times A Week // I have managed to do this pretty well since August and to be honest I have been loving blogging again. It's amazing, I love being able to share my random ramblings on the internet and I want to keep that up, I'm not going to lie and say it isn't hard work but it's something I enjoy doing.

Comment More On Other People's Blogs // despite finding the time to blog I sometimes struggle to find the time to be social in the blogging world. I love reading other peoples blogs and I need to find more time for that but I also want to comment more on people's blogs to share the love in the blogging world a bit more.

Take Part In More Bloggers Chats // I try to do this as often as I can but sometimes, inevitably, life does get in the way but I want to partake in more as I want to make more friends in the blogging community as a lot has changed and I want more people to be able to share my passions with and blogger chats are the perfect place for that.

Take Better Blog Photos // I want my blog to be something I can look at in years to come and be proud of the content I was putting out there, one of the biggest part of this is of course photos. I eventually want to upgrade my camera but in the mean time I want to try and do the best with what I can and take better photos, in natural light and improve my editing skills.

Be More Organised // This is probably what's in a lot of peoples goals for 2016 and I am no exception. I want to be more organised with my blog in terms of planning posts and scheduling them as well, especially as I have such a hectic schedule anyway. But I don't want to go crazy with this as I still want to be able to put spontaneous posts up, including hauls!

Reach 300 Followers // I know followers aren't everything but I like setting goals. I currently have 220 followers and so I don't think I'm being greedy that I wish to have 300 followers by this time next year. 

So those are my Blogging Goals for 2016, most of them are really generic and probably what most people's goals will be, but hopefully it will keep me on track and I will still be blogging this time next year!

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