The Travel Tag

I recently discovered the blog Vanilla Drxps and was really intrigued by her The Travel Tag and thought it would be great to do on my blog.

001 How old were you and where did you go on your first trip?
I went on holiday in the UK when I was a couple of months old I believe but I actually went abroad, I think, just before I turned one and I can't remember where but its just as I started learning to walk so apparently I was adorable.

002 Do you like or dislike travelling?
If you've read my Travel Bucket List post you'll know I definitely love travelling!

003 Do you prefer the window, aisle or window seat?
Well when I go on holiday with my parents my dad either has to have the window or aisle seat, my sister likes to sit on the aisle or middle seat and I just go wherever I'm told. I can imagine if I was to travel on my own I would love to have either an aisle or window seat.

004 How do you usually pass the time on an aeroplane?
I usually take a book of some sort with me and my iPod and headphones to listen to music. It depends as majority of the time in the past we only go on short haul flights so I don't require a lot on those types of flights. I also pick up a magazine usually too at the airport and I often fall asleep on planes, I can literally fall asleep anywhere!

005 You're leaving tomorrow, money is no option, where are you going?
I would be doing a road trip across America! Going to so many places including both Disney World in Florida and Disney Land in California±

006 Which accent in the world is your favourite to hear?

007 Favourite landmark you have visited?
I loved the Empire State Building but the views from the Rockefeller Centre were just out of this world!

I loved doing this tag. I've recently been feeling the need to travel a lot and I have no idea why. Unfortunately I don't have the funds to be able to do that so I'll be living vicariously through these travel posts. I nominate anyone to do this tag and would love for you to link me your responses below!

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