What's In My Shower?

As I've said before I like being nosey into other peoples lives, any posts that means I can get to know the person behind the blog I am instantly drawn too. So today I am doing a post I love to read, What's In My Shower. This is what's in my shower most of the time sometimes minus a few products but I'll go into more detail down below.

I don't have a bath at university so whenever I have a pampering session I have to have a shower, which I personally don't mind as I prefer showers to baths, don't ask me why I think its just the idea of sitting in my own filth that disturbs me! Anyway onto What's In My Shower.

Lets start with the haircare aspect of this. I've recently been into keeping my haircare routine quite simple and hence only have one shampoo and one conditioner in my shower (I used to have two different shampoos, a conditioner and a hair mask!). I've been using the OGX Moroccan Argan Créme haircare, and I've done a review on it here if you wish to find out more of my opinions on it!

For shower gel I have been loving all things coconut and have been quickly working my way through the Original Source Coconut and Shea Butter, which smells so luxurious and lathers beautifully on the skin. I have so many more coconut shower gels in my stash to begin using when this one runs out!

For a bit of personal hygiene (a bit TMI I apologise) I have been reaching for the Femfresh Ultimate Care Gel (just to put it out there this post isn't sponsored whatsoever, I knew there was a time when literally every other post on my feed was a Whats in my Shower post featuring a Femfresh product!) I'm not really picky when it comes to these products I just pick up whatever is on offer.

I personally like to use a cleanser in the shower, I know some people don't but I find the steam and hot air opens my pores to give a deeper cleanse. To aid this I use the Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser and lather on my face usually just after I put my conditioner on and my hair is clipped out of my face. I sometimes use this on the tops of my arms (I get red bumps there) if they are looking particularly bad and it works a treat!

When I want a particular treat I use the Soap & Glory Breakfast Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub, I love this scrub and it is one I have continuously repurchased and you can read my full review here. I usually use this if I'm shaving my legs for a special occasion when I want my skin to be silky smooth or when I'm prepping to fake tan (which is very rare nowadays, I'm embracing the pale!).

Now onto the added extras which are essentials in the shower. My razor at the moment is a Gilette Venus Embrace I have used the 'luxurious' moisture razors like the Olay ones but I find they dry out my skin and don't give me a close enough shave as I would like so I've resorted to the basic razor heads as they personally work the best for me. I also have been loving The Body Shop Bath Lily, I'm not usually fussy on these (plus what are they actually called?!) but bought this one on a whim and its better than all the cheap ones I've bought in the past as it doesn't irritate my skin and lathers my shower gel wonderfully. Random but true.

I hope you enjoyed this insight. I have been wanting to do this post for a while (who knows why).
What do you keep in your shower? Do you have any product recommendations for me?

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