January Beauty Favourites

I haven't written a favourites post in so long, but I've been loving so many new things I thought it was time I shared them with you all!

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse & Polish
This has been a saviour for my skin this past month, it hasn't caused me to breakout and soothes any breakouts I do get which is great. I currently use this in both the morning and evening as my morning cleanser I mix up quite a bit and this gives me a fresh face for the day ahead!

No 7 Essentially Natural Foundation in Calico
I bought this just before I went to New York and have been loving it! I never really pay much attention to the No7 brand but have recently fallen in love with a few of their products! This is a great foundation which combats my combination skin really well! The only thing is that I need to use a heavier coverage foundation on my cheeks due to the pigmentation I have!

Naked 3 Palette
I would be mad not to include this! I got this in New York last month and have used it everyday without fail! The colours are all so me and work well for a simple daytime look as well as a smoky evening look, its just so versatile! I'm having to force myself to still use all my other eyeshadows at the minute but I always end up using this instead!

Benefit The Porefessional
I recently got a sample of this for Christmas and I've had a sample previously and forgot exactly how much I love the primer! It's by far the best primer I've ever used and will definitely have to purchase the full size when this runs out!

Origins Drink Up Intensive Face Mask
I for one am really lazy with including a face mask in my skincare routine at least once or twice a week, however this mask is perfect! I don't have to sit around waiting to wash it off my face I can literally apply it before I go to bed and not worry about it whilst it does its wonderful work on my skin while I'm catching my zzz's! A must have for all those who struggle to fit a face mask into their skincare routines!

That's all for my January Beauty Favourites, but keep your eyes peeled as there will be some exciting posts coming up soon!

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