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Thought it was time to do another Summer Series posts, if you would like to read all the other Summer Series posts click here

I kind of put off doing this post because England really hasn't been having the weather for Summer clothing but seeing as the sun has made an appearance I thought it's a must! So these are what I would call summer body care essentials. 

Shaving Gel - I have recently started using shaving gel again to shave my legs. I think it's because I was expecting some decent weather so I could start showing my legs off, like anyone does. Shaving gel just minimises the effect of "shavers rash" aka little red bumps/spots featuring all over your legs. Hence why it is one of my essentials, but if you don't want to branch out to buy a shaving gel you can always use shower gel or conditioner. 

Razor - I would have thought this would be a no brainer but thought I should insert it anyway. You obviously don't to walk out in shorts with mega hairy legs or hairy armpits...not an attractive look. The razor I currently use is the Gillette Venus Pro Skin which includes a moisture strip. 

Baby Powder - I think this is a personal choice to be a Summer Body Care Essential, but I find using this as soon as I get out of the shower or bath it really makes my skin baby smooth and allows my moisturiser to soak in a lot easier plus it dries the skin a lot quicker too.

Body Butter - Any type of body moisturiser would do but my option of choice is the Palmer's Cocoa Butter as it moisturises my skin really well especially dry areas such as my knees, elbows and arms. It also smells mega chocolaty! But anyway, you want smooth legs if they are going to be on show. 

Bio Oil - I think this is another personal choice as I have quite a lot of problem areas on my body. This may be quite expensive but is totally worth it. I have problem areas on the top of my arms and using this day and night helps reduce the pigmentation of my problem area. Also helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. I normally apply this before I moisturise and after I use my baby powder.

So hope you enjoyed another one of these posts and it helped in someway or another about body care routines especially in the summer.

What are your summer body care essentials?
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